Not in Kansas Anymore

(blazer rag & Bone, shirt Forrest & Bob, shorts Topshop, bag American Apparel (similar here), shoes Zara (but love these), sunnies Stella McCartney, bracelets Henri Bendel, Tiffany & co, Vidakush)

Channeling my inner Dorothy from Wizard of Oz with these red shoes I picked up from Zara. Love them!! Thought I’d spice it up a bit by adding a bright red lip too (and my straight hair- which I’ve been in to lately.) One of the best purchases I made this summer was this white Rag & Bone blazer, I find myself wearing it all the time (worn before here and here). I’m a big fan of blazers over anything but sometimes black is just too much for a summer’s day.
Have a wonderful week everyone. I know sometimes we all hate Mondays but I am tending to enjoy them recently- every Monday I make a list of my goals- I feel like its a fresh start from any possible mistakes I made the week before. Trying to always look at the glass half full :)


  1. Liz Tremaine says:

    Beautiful photos and a very good looking outfit especially your blazer, love it!

  2. I love the red lip/ red shoe combo!

  3. Bonita Rouwit says:

    I love the topshop shorts. They match so well with the blazer! Love it

  4. elena.blu.6 says:

    I love this outfit!

  5. RunwayChef says:

    Loving the pop of red!!!

    I too make a list of goals every Monday….love getting that fresh start to the week :)

  6. Laura says:

    I bought these Zara shoes in black after I saw them in your Instagram photo. Love them!

  7. Sophie Danks says:

    Looking gorgeous. I was totally eyeing up those shorts in Topshop the other day too!


  8. Pauline T says:

    The red lips & pumps are the perfect addition to this beautiful neutral look <3

  9. Lola says:

    This is such a perfect outfit! You look beautiful! Love the touches of red.

  10. Natali says:

    Gorgeous shorts and shoes!! Looking great :)

  11. Anneli M. says:

    Adore these red shoes paired up with a red lip. Straight hair looks very sleek on you! :o)

    Anneli x

  12. Leah says:

    You look beautiful in this outfit. And yes, I do hate Mondays, so thanks for the pick me up.

  13. Alison Levesque-Santos says:

    Killer red heels!

  14. Eva Wu says:

    amazing shoes!

  15. Kaye Awatin says:

    Great outfit! fresh and chic!

    Kaye Awatin

  16. Yana says:

    Nice look but I’m really like your hair! It’s shining! You looks perfect!

  17. christina says:

    i love the whole outfit but most of all i love the colour of the shoes!!

  18. Eva Kraaijeveld says:

    Awesome outfit, love every single piece!

  19. Shamelessly Overdressed says:

    I have the same shoes! You look gorgeous in the outfit. :)

  20. Camille says:

    OMG the shoes are amazing !

  21. shesaidhesaidfashion says:

    I love your shoes! the colors all go very well together!


  22. Sara Morais says:

    Definitely, the pop of red on your lips and your shoes makes all the difference. I’m pretty sure I’m Zara’s biggest fan so, your shoes are just perfect :D

  23. Sarah says:

    Gorgeous! I love the red shoe!

  24. Cony says:

    I love the pop of red that the shoes bring to the outfit!

  25. lovethefabulous says:

    Gorgeous outfit!! Red lipstick suits you a lot!!


  26. Andrea says:

    i love your clutch and the chic!

  27. paulynagore says:

    Love it ! Very elegant and chic :-)

  28. Sara Marques Gouveia says:

    this is so easy to post now, I’m gonna do often :P great great outfit babe! :P

  29. Luba Dimitrova says:

    you look amazing with straight hair ! The shoes are nice, but are they comfortable ? I have tried ones Zara shoes and remember them as uncomfortable .
    XX Luba :: Well Living Blog ::

  30. Jasmine Olague says:

    The printed shorts and white blazer!!!!! Love!
    -jasmine bondoc

  31. chantelle says:

    eeeeek love the red shoessss!!!

  32. Pilisstyle says:

    this is just perfection. There is nothing what could make your outfit more complete them red lips and shoes. I am clapping my hands,girl!

  33. Tiffany says:

    The shoes look stunning with the outfit and your skin tone! I especially like this outfit post. It’s got so much feminism and class to it. Keep up with the great posts! :)

  34. Rafaela Rossi says:

    Ammazing Look!! =D

  35. Lola says:

    Obsessed with the Stella McCartney sunnies!!!!

  36. Michelle Lee says:

    super chic :)

  37. Panna Euforia says:

    beautiful photos ;)

  38. Emily says:

    Zara have been bringing out a lot of red stuff lately, very cool :D
    Need a white blazer as well! Have a nice week as well :D
    Emily ooo

  39. thankfifi says:

    Good idea about making a list of goals – think I’d have to do it monthly or I’d never have any of them done though!
    Love the look as always

    ♥ ThankFifi

  40. Jessica says:

    LOVE this outfit! You make me wish I didn’t cut all my hair off! Gorgeous.

  41. Elle says:

    LOVE these shoes! So chic & sexy! :)

  42. Rola says:

    Love your hair straight and the red lips!

  43. I think those shoes make the outfit!

  44. Andie says:

    You look absolutely gorgeous. I love every piece of this outfit and you’re lipstick is super pretty as well.
    Kiss Andie ;)

  45. Jacy Tilton says:

    Your shorts look perfect with a blazer, and I love the pop of color from your adorable Zara shoes!


  46. Joanne Christina says:

    I love the idea of Monday goals. I might try that. Red lipstick really suits you also.

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