i’ll be back in LA tomorrow. my vacation has been lovely and i don’t want it to end but i have to get back to business.
this photo below is a jacket i borrowed from the lovely ladies behind ellie lavelle. i love it. it’s glam rock, very balmain, modern, cool. you really should check out their stuff!

i love collaborating with local LA based designers. we really have a lot of work to do towards reviving the fashion world in LA but there is amazing talent out here! im always looking for new, interesting designers and pieces that i love, to show on my blog. any designers feel free to email me! peaceloveshea@gmail.com :) i love going to the showrooms and meeting new amazingly talented people :)
(shoes christian louboutin, shirt LF stores, skirt ellie lavelle, necklace holly lauren)
hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!
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March 27, 2011
March 29, 2011



  1. Анна says:

    The jacket is awesome! U look gorgeous as always!

  2. You are right! Jacket is gorgeous!!!!

    – Dani

  3. God I love those shoes! The skirt and jacket look great on you. You look gorgeous as always.


  4. Sophie says:

    Love those shoes so much!


  5. Julia says:

    wow!!!!! So stunning! Absolutely amazing!


  6. Bog-Bog says:

    The jacket is amazing!

  7. Demisdays says:

    Those shoes are awesome. great post!

  8. This jacket looks great!!

    xx Olga
    La Petite Olga

  9. Tassos P says:

    Wow, really great top! I love it, punky rocky and classy at the same time! Great look altogether, shorts and Loubou's to die for :)
    Glad to find your blog!

  10. Your jacket and boots are amazing! xxx


  11. Anonymous says:

    Totally fabulous outfit. You look beautiful!

  12. Lily says:

    Love this look…the jacket is fabulous.


  13. Lelinh says:

    How lovely is the jacket… but I have to say those shoes just took my attention. HOT!

    My Style Affair

  14. SAMANTHA says:

    damn you are right, that is not your average jacket! it's incredible! and so are your louboutins!!


  15. lola says:

    Just found your blog and I'm lovin it! The outfit is totally hot!

  16. Melina says:

    LOVE the jacket!
    really awesome!

  17. 2befab says:

    what an amazing blog…
    if you want we can follow each other…
    let me know…

  18. love this jacket and the shoes! you look really great!

  19. Lydia says:

    I love this jacket! So futuristic!

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