NYFW: Strolling Soho

(dress Arhnem, hat Janessa Leone, sunnies Westward Leaning, shoes Zara, bag Chanel)

Taking a break from the craziness of New York Fashion Week I spent my last 2 days in New York strolling around the city with my best friend who had never been before.

We did a little shopping, had lunch at my favorite spot Cafe Gitane and indulged in a little dessert afterwards. Wearing a fun patchwork floral dress from Australian designer Arnhem, and hat by Janessa Leone. Loving my new Westward Leaning sunnies, new vintage Chanel bag from E Drop Off, and of course my favorite Zara boots of the moment.

I didn’t want to stress myself out with trying to do too many things and shows in New York because I have a big month ahead. I just made it back to Los Angeles to do a big shoot with James Jeans tomorrow before heading off to London on Thursday.
I’m going to London, then Milan, then Paris. Follow me on instagram @peaceloveshea for behind the scenes!
Hope everyone is having a fabulous week!


  1. christina says:

    you look so sweetttttt in this dress!!!

  2. Lola says:

    Love your outfit! That dress is so cute!

  3. Natali says:

    You look gorgeous in this dress! Great photos :)


  4. we once went to cafe gitane but way too crowded! it was like an hour waiting line and so cold outside! we went to rubirosa this summer (just around the corner), fabulous pizza, just fabulous

  5. Constanze Schmitt says:

    The dress is beautiful! ♥

  6. D.Ellena says:

    I think the hat seal the deal …anxious to see the coverage from the rest of the fashion weeks :)

  7. such a great outfit! love the shots! =)

    xoxo, Ivana


  8. Becky of AquarEye says:

    Love this post Shea! One of the many reasons why you are such a fantastic style blogger is the range of your outfits. When Chanel is channeled and you’re wearing high end fashion, it’s creative, fresh and sophisticated. Even if the articles you are wearing are not accessible to many, the way in which you put it all together is still inspiring. When Cheyenne comes out, like in this post, it’s refreshing! This dress vibes perfectly with your look and it’s fun, comfortable, fashionable, adorable and reminiscent of what I wore as a little girl in the 90s. This post showcases, yet again, your true talent and eye for style and fashion.

  9. kendrrat says:

    Great photos! That dress reminds me of the 90s haha

  10. Totally agree with Becky , as she is very expressive in her comment . This post is amazing and shows the real , authentic Shea and her sophisticated sense of style !
    Love :: Luba Well living Blog http://very-well-living.blogspot.com

  11. Andrea says:

    wow i love this dress and the boots! you should wear flower prints more often :) it looks great!


  12. papillon says:

    OMG, the dress is so cute!!!


  13. Pili's Style says:

    I love the shoes! You are doing such a good job! have fun!!

  14. Honorata says:

    Cool hat:))) I have been enjoying my zara boots recently as welll!


  15. Marceline says:

    You look so beautiful!!! <3


  16. laima hareer says:

    love the dress and bag


  17. Meggan says:

    Beautiful! Love that hat its perfect for fall!


  18. Christine Kim says:

    Love that dress!! So adorable :)


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