so i’m going next week to miami and maybe also the bahamas (everything’s a little up in the air still) with one of my best friends. which means this week is mainly being spent figuring out what i’m going to wear there. i made a little collage of my ideal outfit of all the things/styles i’m loving right now including a topshop floral corset bra, vix swimwear snakeskin print bikini, jeffrey campbell cheetah sandals, spell designs turquoise jewellery, alexander wang diego bag in latte, rose gold ray bans and a topshop white crochet dress. above are a couple pictures from my trip last summer to the bahamas (harbor island.) wearing an urban outfitters hat and sheer floral top, topshop belt and levi’s vintage high waisted shorts. i can’t believe that was a year ago and i totally still like that outfit. be assured that doesn’t happen often. some things that have changed… i’ve invested in a much better camera this year. YAY. and my hair is back to its better color! :)

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March 12, 2011
March 16, 2011


  1. SAMANTHA says:

    such cute photos! you're beautifulll have fun whichever you go you'll be on the beach ;)


  2. Emily Anne says:

    you look so different brunette! but you look adorable in any color!
    have a good time in miami/bahamas! im sure you will!

  3. I personally don't like animalier, but the rest of your inspiraiton/musta have board is absolutely amazing. I'd love to have those items too =) I think your hair was looking perfect even last summer.

  4. AntonioCerro says:

    Hope you'll have fun! Miami rocks! :))) great photoooos!

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  6. fashion tnt says:

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  7. Annie says:

    cute pics. I want such great weather right now and wear this cute laced/cream dress

    X, Annie

  8. I agree with you completely.

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