(dress Corey Lynn Calter, boots DVF, jacket Zara, bag Prada, sunnies Prada)

I think most people visit the Eiffel Tower on their first day in Paris, I saved it for the last— best for last?? It was incredible and beautiful and a real bittersweet ending to the lovely time I spent in Paris.
I really like this dress, its quite thick so perfect for colder weather, and I love loose turtlenecks- especially in big sweaters etc.
I’m back in Los Angeles, enjoying the fabulous weather and catching up with my friends and family.
Happy Monday everyone and have a wonderful week!
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  1. Huyen says:

    oh beautiful paris, i love your captures of the city!!

  2. peaceloveSHEA says:

    thank you so much!! xoxo

  3. Dena Ts says:

    so beautiful!!!

    Much love,



  4. Heba says:

    nice photos. you kinda look like Ali Larter in these photos :)


  5. Julie says:

    Looking stunning<3. It's a pleasure following you.


  6. Eva Wu says:

    fantastic dress! how you do it that yopu look so perfect all the time?

  7. Pauline T says:

    Super pretty outfit, I love it :) glad you had such a wonderful time in paris!

  8. dipitblack says:

    Lovely pictures!
    That picture with you and the Eiffeltower is beautiful!


  9. sarah sileno says:

    I adore your jacket! I’ve seen it at Zara, too :)

  10. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you! It was a really good purchase- especially if you live somewhere cold!

  11. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you so much Pauline! XO

  12. peaceloveSHEA says:

    Thank you, oh I love her- thanks for the compliment :)

  13. Somebody from Somewhere says:

    What a gorgeous dress! And such an atmospheric- very Parisian – photos!


  14. Dara says:

    Amazing photos! Love everything about your outfit and I especially love the pic of you and the Eiffel Tower.

  15. Stephanie says:

    Just gorgeous!!!!


  16. Debora D says:

    Amazing pictures,you’re gorgeous!


  17. Andrea says:

    So, so pretty!! Love these pictures, and you look stunning! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  18. Eva says:

    What a marvelous dress and it looks awesome with the boots!


  19. Liz Tremaine says:

    Love your pictures *.* especially number five!

  20. Shamelessly Overdressed says:

    Gorgeous photos.. love the bag and sunnies!

    Love, S

  21. Rococo Girl says:

    Oh how your pics make me miss Paris!! Amazing photos… and your purse ( oh la la!!!).


  22. papillon says:

    Cute outfit! Black looks great on your skin. I wish I were in Paris too right now.

  23. MonochromeMagpie says:

    Hehe, my latest post has exactly the same name! Great minds (and hearts?) think alike :)

  24. chantelle c says:

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful time in the city of love. I’m hoping to make my second visit this summer. Less touristy this time around, but more adventurous and exciting!


  25. Christina Marie says:

    I Love this dress! Very cool. You look great.


  26. Talita says:

    Thank you and have a really nice week too! I agree with you! Everyone wants to vist Eiffel Tower on the first time! But it’s better to me see it at the last moment! I like your outfit; you’re gorgeous as always, you know! ;)

  27. M. says:

    amazing photos, amazing you!

  28. Kassi says:

    Ahh, just a little jealous of all your travels! You always look gorgeous! xx http://Www.babiesandbrewskies.blogspot.com

  29. Just simple PERFECTION!!!

  30. RCagz says:

    Gorgeous photos and I love the print dress, perfect Parisian outfit! xoxo

  31. LOVE your zara jacket! So happy you had such a wonderful time in Paris! Great photos too!

    XO http://shesaidhesaid-fashion.blogspot.com

  32. Evi says:

    Great photos and outfit! You look gorgeous!

    Evi xoxo

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  33. Novella - 9lla.it says:

    Love your style! Love the photos!

    fashion – trends – DIYs

  34. Christina says:

    gorgeous photos my love!

    Bisous from STYLE FEST

  35. Carolina Martín Guitart says:

    Hey! I’m following you in Instagram and I’ve seen some pics of you in Paris, oooh I completely looove the city :)
    Your outfits are nice,
    Lace the Life

  36. Diva In Me says:

    I see that you love Paris lots =D I do too when I 1st got there 2 years ago and I’ve gone back there again last year. There’s so much more to see in Paris. Will never get enough of it =)


  37. Ismay says:

    I love the dress, cool print! Nice bag too!


  38. Emma says:

    Can you do a post on how/what you packed for the trip? Thanks!

  39. Elena says:

    Love your photos! Looks magical! Glad you enjoyed Paris xoxo ES

  40. 4 Stylish Cherries says:

    You look so gorgeous!
    I love the print of the dress!
    You have amazing pictures too :)

  41. Lisa says:

    I love the boots! Who’s are they?

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