pucci1web One of my favorite looks I wore this summer- this two piece striped silk Pucci set. Even though you might not think of it as a summer look, it’s so lightweight, soft and silky- I wore it to several events and felt chic, classy and stylish. Stripes to me are a neutral, they look great with nearly everything and are a wardrobe staple in any fashion lover’s closet. And the added chic summer touch- a printed silk scarf! Shop some of my favorite striped pieces below: [show_shopthepost_widget id=”900769″]


  1. Bold Bliss says:

    Cute outfit! Love how that coloured scarf finishes it :)

    Bold Bliss

  2. Laura says:

    Love the bikinis from you last post… i have recenctly bought 2 of them in http://www.brakini.net

  3. You look so stunning in this piece. I like how you added the scarf with different prints.


  4. Victoria says:

    Beautiful! love the scarf and you can’t go wrong with stripes, perfect summer outfit


  5. Akanksha says:

    These stripes look so classy. And I love the way you have subtly broken the stripes with the scarf and kept the background minimal for the photographs. Great stuff!
    More outfits on http://akanksharedhu.com/

  6. Whitney says:

    So 70s, so cool, so easy chic! Ohhh so chic, I’m all about silk scarves as well, the ultimate summer accessory indeed! ;)



  7. Zara Garcha says:

    I love the outfit! Shea you look like a goddess, and your blog is seriously perf XXX Zara

  8. Paulynagore says:

    I totally love, you look so tall and chic! Looks perfect!


  9. So edgy and feminine! The addition of the floral silk scarf is absolutely perfect!

  10. Ky says:

    I absolutely love this look and Pucci. The scarf adds a great touch and yes stripes are great for summertime.

    Ky Chic

  11. Niamh says:

    Love your outfit.

  12. Cute outfit! love the stripes


  13. Georgia says:

    Absolutely love this outfit! Brava!
    Black-and-white stripes with the printed scarf – so chic and unique! My type of look.

  14. Anja says:

    I love this look!

  15. Cornelia says:

    beautiful lace dress… your photos and style give me LIFEEEE! http://www.alamodeusine.com

  16. Kate says:

    Love the stripes, so great!



  17. Deirdre says:

    What a gorgeous swimsuit! Looks perfect with your lovely tan skin tone. I just got a hat exactly like that at J. Crew and it has been serving me very well ever since! Beautiful summer adventures… http://www.bagsnewshow.com

  18. Xaviera says:

    Gorgeous photos ! This place is beautiful http://www.nikeclheel.com

  19. VITORIA says:

    Stunning! Love the pictures and you look stunning as always!

  20. Shoppersfeed says:

    Beautiful photos, You are looking professional model ))

  21. Bags says:

    Light, stripes, action ! :) Really great photos, perfectly matched light with composition :)

  22. Meena says:

    Lovely post about pucci stripes and you have good combination of black and white. I think you are Best fashion blogger in india

  23. Nevin says:

    Really enjoyed this post!

  24. Nevin says:

    Amazing design and images. I really love this post and thanks for sharing.

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