i’ll talk for a second about something i usually try to avoid on my blog.. red carpet pictures. but seeing that it was the golden globes and i of course only watched the red carpet portion, it feels right to mention it. the top picture is not globes related… just something i’m obsessed with. camilla belle attending a premiere in LA. the outfit is so amazing. by jason wu. i completely love the high waisted trousers and floral romantic tube top with her stomach showing. summer for me usually means high waisted shorts and little tube tops, but i love it with the trousers and the blazer! oh did i say i loved that look yet lol??now onto the golden globes. by far my favorite dress was olivia wilde’s by marchesa. stunning awesome perfect, in my opinion she blew everyone else out of the water. but hey what do i know ;) another favorite of mine was again olivia wilde at a pre golden globe party. loved the simple tan dress with the silk by A.L.C. she just killed it this year. hair? not so much but we wont go there. i try to comment only on the amazing.

and also i was shocked by emma stone. where did she turn from this nerdy geeky girl into a stunning bombshell. that’s not an easy dress to pull off and she nailed it. i LOVE it. so simple and chic… by calvin klein. well done darling!
January 16, 2011
January 19, 2011



  1. My crush for this golden globes are for sure, the dress of Emma Stone

    xx, yamina.

  2. Aya says:

    First of all, I think Camilla Belle is gorgeous in whatever she wears, but I love her outfit. Secondly, Olivia Wilde's Marchesa dress was my favorite too, I agree with everything you said about it! & Third, I definitely agree with you on Emma Stone–she was one of my favorites as well! Gorgeous!
    Ps; This is the first time I got to see Olivia Wilde's pre golden globes party dress & it is so lovely!

  3. Anonymous says:

    At the Golden Globes…..Olivia Wilde for sure.

  4. I love Emma Stone's dress, perfect for her!! I also think Katy Sagal chose the perfect dress for her, her hair and make-up also looked great!

  5. Kayla says:

    Olivia Wilde looked amazing!
    follow me? :)


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