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Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a crazy busy weekend in New York for me but I have so many great pictures to share with you all! This was my look from several days ago running around the city. I’ve said quite a bit recently that I’m loving pink at the moment. I even love mixing different shades of pink as I’ve done here. The pants are my fav and I wore them before here in red you might remember.
You all know I’m working with Juicy as a style ambassador so I was very excited to attend their FW 2013 presentation. I took some photos of my favorite looks- the iridescent bag, wow so cool I loved it, and also the cheetah print vest was another favorite of mine. You guys have to check out their campaign video too it’s so cute and feat some of my fav models!
Stay tuned to see all my outfits from fashion week. Also please if you guys see any photos of me online from NYFW send them or tweet them to me and I will retweet! Thank you!!!

If you are in NEW YORK TODAY make sure to stop by the pop up shop that I’m hosting with LXR & Co– an amazing online vintage boutique. They will have pre owned Chanel, Hermes and more! From 2-6 at the Empire Hotel right outside of Lincoln Center. Hope to see some of you!!!


  1. My favorite color right now :)

    Have a nice day!

  2. Well Living BLog says:

    Stunning lovely Shea ! This bright colors look perfect on you !

    XX Luba

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  3. carol says:

    oh dear, you look incredible, but that’s not a suprise :) but i have to admit i really adore your scarf!! look so retro ! perfect with pink colour :)
    kisses from

  4. Britt says:

    You are looking great as always !
    Love your combinations, they are so classy :)

  5. Love the pink and love love love the black & white polka dot scarf. Too cute!

  6. Alexia says:

    I can only imagine how freezing it is in NYC – I live in DC + can barely stand the outdoors! Love your outfit! Especially the bright coat!

    Beautiful Savage
    Sweet Bird

  7. Love the layers of pink, beautiful look!

  8. I love those Givenchy booties! When did you add those beauties to your wardrobe?

    Loving all the pink and black!

  9. Stand Out says:

    Love the outfit, you’re perfect!

  10. Lilli says:

    Love the jacket, cool combo:)

  11. Love the layering! Pink looks lovely on you! Wish I could be there!

    Cee. ♥

  12. Gorgeous! You look like Candace Swanepol in several of these shots. And that scarf is such a fun, pop-arty pop!

    -Brittany of @suburbchicblog

  13. Mattie says:

    Love this outfit Shea. Pink looks so good on you and your accessories are perfect. Love the scar and bracelets.

  14. Mattie says:

    Love this whole outfit Shea! You look fabulous in pink and I love the way you accessorized this. The scarf add the perfect touch and I love the new bracelet.

  15. Pauline says:

    The choice of pink is so smart because it really makes the whole outfit pops and it just looks so gorgeous on the pictures. It puts in a good mood just going through your blog post :P

  16. Suzie Q says:

    Love the pink leather jacket and those boots! Great photos!

    Suzie Q
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  17. Princess A says:

    Pink reminds me of anything Victorias Secret. Lovely photos!

  18. Virginie says:

    Lovely look! Have lots of fun. :)

    Much Love, Virginie

  19. liz says:

    that is my favorite shade of pink!!

    check out my new line!

  20. Anna says:

    OMG the food looks so delicious!! lovely pics, keep warm Shea!!

  21. Josephine says:

    I love how you mixed the shades of pink together! You look fabulous. Awesome job! Glad you’re having such a good time in NYC :)

    <3 Josephine

  22. Eva says:

    Love the pink on you and so pretty with the dotted scarf xx


  23. Vamessa says:

    AMAAAZING! so in love with this look!

  24. Kareena says:

    obsessed with your gucci clutch!


  25. Dolly says:

    this pink look so good on you! this is such a perfect look for the fashion shows!
    Unicorns, Heels and American Dreams

  26. Toks says:

    Amazing, totally amazing. I have just come across you blog and totally love it. Awesome looks. You definaately have another follower!!

  27. You look great in pink!! Please keep posting pictures! For us who will never make it to NYFW we can live our dreams via you :)

  28. Tricoy says:

    Haha you look like a barbie! I love your leather jacket and also the iridescent bag

  29. Michelle says:

    You look amazing as always! Love the outfit.

    xx Michelle

    Fierce & Fashionable

  30. i love pink too! cannot get enough of it lately so i was very happy when i saw this look on you! reminded me of an edgy kate spade for some reason :) that jacket is so gorgeous~

  31. Hello Shea! You look very pretty!! Great and very fashion outfit! Very pink!


  32. Breanne says:

    Wow you look so gorgeous in pink! Beautiful x

  33. Sasha says:

    I love that you mixed pinks, especially in winter. But what I love more is that you balanced a traditionally girly color with tough pieces like the leather jacket, motorcycle gloves, and boots. Really beautiful style!


  34. Diana says:

    loving this look!!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  35. I love your pink jacket! I hope I can also find something like that. It looks good on you. :)


  36. andreea says:

    i liker your look today

  37. Nice to see some colour at NYFW, nice outfit!

  38. Deanna G. says:

    Need those boots in my life!

  39. Sarah says:

    Amazing photos! I adore all of your pink.

    The Purse Snatcher 

  40. Joanne says:

    Beautiful sunglasses.

  41. Radka says:

    You look fabulous in pink. I´m your huge fan Shea and I love reading your blog. You´re one of the most inspiring fashion icons to me and I wish you a wonderful week. :-)

  42. Sabaa says:

    Love the pink, you look amazing in it!

  43. The pink leather jacket is so nice! Also love your bracelet & the gloves! :)


  44. Haley says:

    Darling you look amazing as always . Love the hair!! H

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