(jacket Emporio Armani, skirt Emporio Armani, shoes Lovely Pepa x Krack, bracelet Identify, infinity bracelet Cruciani, bag Armani, spike bracelets Vita Fede, personalized ring Thea by Emilie Duchene, personalized necklace Jennifer Zeuner, sunnies Prada)

I finally finished going through my last photos from Spain. I think I’m very clever with my title “Sevilla later!” Haha.
On our last day we visited the beautiful Alcazar- it’s the oldest royal palace still in use today. A palace is really the only way to describe it. The details are extraordinary, the gardens are vast, it’s a maze of rooms each so delicately detailed it’s truly unbelievable. A must visit if you are ever going to Seville.
I may have been the only person in heels in the place, but when you are constantly going between work and play decisions can be tough. I’ll be honest though I did switch into sneakers. But the shoes are designed by my friend Alexandra for her line Lovely Pepa x Krack. Seeing that she is a Spainard it was only fitting that I had to wear them. Very Valentino-esque, I like that!
I really need to thank Armani & Emporio Armani for keeping me stylish in Europe. It’s so hard to pack for so many days and when I had to extend my stay an extra 2 weeks there was no way my suitcase would suffice.
One of my favorite pieces from the spring collection was this skirt- sometimes I’m a minimalist. It’s black and simple but flirty with the hemline- and extremely flattering. A mix of neutral colors always looks chic and sophisticated.
Can you see by my accessories I’m so into personalized things! There’s something gratifying and rewarding about a piece that was made personally for you. It’s slightly different than everyone else’s and makes you feel special :)

Let’s be honest, my favorite part of the day was seeing the peacock. Haha. Happy Monday Everyone!

Peace & Love,


  1. Naomi A says:

    Fabulous location and love your boots!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. Beatrice says:

    You look amazing! Love your boots!

    The Fashion Cuisine

  3. Well Living BLog says:

    Amazing pictures from beautiful Sevilla ! So are you , looking gorgeous ! So glade that you enjoyed your visit !

    XX Luba

    Well Living BLog : back to black {leather leggings } and white {business shirt }

  4. Natali says:

    Gorgeous boots and bag! Great photos!

  5. Oksana says:

    Nice pictures! And you look great!

  6. Heartbeat says:

    Sevilla is once of the best place of world where I have been! :)
    beautiful pics!!

    heartbeat blog

  7. Caroline says:

    amazing skirt honey!! and i love the detail of your jacket ♥

  8. Styleclouds says:

    Amazing photos! You look lovely! xo, Christina

  9. Gorgeous photos! And loooving those boots!

  10. Lilli says:

    Great photos and cool boots! xo

  11. Rachelle says:

    Love the subtle details on the jacket and great pics.


  12. Rachel says:

    Amazing outfit, perfect as always!

  13. Cammie says:

    I was there last summer. Great scenery and pictures!

    x Cammie

  14. Laura says:

    Gorgeous pics & outfit !!
    New post up:

  15. Marta says:

    Beautiful photos, you look stunning as always!

  16. Kenzie Lee says:

    Love the neutrals in this look coupled with the leather! Very chic!

    X Kenzie

  17. Andrea says:

    you look amazing! i love the shoes!

  18. Laura says:

    You look amazing! Love these photos


  19. Bianca L. says:

    oowwn, Sevilla must be a wonderful place to go to! And your outfit is perfecto of course :)

  20. Raizelhat says:

    I love Andalusia! I went there in 2011 and it’s so stunning! I went to Granada, another big city near Sevilla, and to the Alhambra. That’s a huuuuge Moorish palace in Granada. It looks kinda like this. I love those moorish buildings with all their embellishments. Great post!

  21. Leah says:

    Looking hot Shea!!

  22. liz says:

    gorgeous bag!! and skirt!

  23. Ilaria Tomasso says:

    Lovely jacket! :)

    Destination Moi

  24. Mattie says:

    Beautiful outfit! The skirt, jacket and booties are perfect……and the location is pretty amazing!!!

  25. What a beautiful city! All of the colors look so amazing–I’m so jealous of your trip!

    Have a great week!


  26. Susie says:

    I love these shots from Sevilla – I spent a semester abroad here in college, and these are bringing back good memories! I definitely spent a night or two in the Bar Alfalfa – that little neighborhood was one of our favorite places to hang out.

    Sea and Swank

  27. Jasmin says:

    beautiful pictures. I really have to go to sevilla when i’m back in europe.
    I love your leather jacket.

  28. Vittoria says:

    I love the look and the city: there’s so much arabic architecture in Sevilla!

    Vittoria from 5 IN THE MORNING

  29. Bri says:

    Love the minimalistic look!



  30. Alejandra says:

    I love your outfit!

    Next time you have to go to Plaza de España in Seville. You can pick amazing photos there, i’m sure you won’t regret it

  31. Nesrin says:

    Beautiful post. The photos are gorgeous and you’re looking very pretty as always. Love the skirt!


  32. I’m from Seville. It’s such an amazing city! Amazing pictures! Un beso enorme desde

  33. Sarah says:

    Absolutely stunning photos!

    The Purse Snatcher 

  34. mariana vp says:

    keep it simple and perfect!

  35. Princess A says:

    Amazing photos! Oh & I want your shoes.

  36. you are the prettiest tourista out there:) love those studded beauties

  37. I love Spain! It looks like you had a fabulous time – and your outfit is great!

  38. Diana says:

    Great post, the photos are breath taking. You look lovely!!

    xoxo, Diana
    The Neon Factor ☠

  39. Courtney says:

    That food looks so yummy!!



  40. Lubna says:

    That bag looks super fabulous! Great photos :)


  41. Valentine says:

    Those Prada sunnies are perfect for you darling

    Go and see my blog from Paris girls :)


  42. Angelqueen says:

    Amazing pictures and you look fantastic!


  43. Nice Pics…Seville is lovable….isnt’it????/

  44. Sabrina says:

    uauu you soo amazing, beautiful this look

  45. EmerJa says:

    I see you have enjoyed ycountry:) I was in Sevilla this summer and I made a post about it too. Amazing city!

  46. Really loving the nude beige shade of your blouse and the beautiful tulip cut of the skirt! and those boots are badass!

  47. Annie says:

    These photos are beautiful and I love your outfit!

  48. Anonymous says:

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