Shades of Wine
June 2, 2016
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August 18, 2016

Summer of 1999

  • Dress: Alexander Wang | Coat: The Row | Shoes: Pierre Hardy | Earrings: Dannijo | Necklace: Roxanne Assoulin

    Nothing’s more frustrating (in fashion) to me when there’s a piece I’m dying for and it’s sold out. Frantically calling every store with no luck. I would frequently find myself in this situation- looking for certain designer pieces that were sold out everywhere. “I know there’s a little boutique out there somewhere that still has one left!” I always thought.

    Unfortunately they never had online stores, and if they did they were barely legible, in a foreign language and shipping could never be trusted. So a few years back (I thought) I had a really great idea. If all the best high end boutiques around the world could be linked together on a central website where you could shop online all in one place- how amazing would that be. After a little research, turns out I was late to the game and that idea already existed- From then on I was hooked. The thing about smaller boutiques is their selection is usually more unique and edgy. Large retailers and department stores tend to play it safe with buying while small boutiques take more risk and have their own personality. So getting all those stores together on one site where you can shop online- genius.

    Here I’ve styled my version of the perfect summer dress look. I’m not usually the dress wearing girl but when I came across the simplicity and 90’s vibe of this Alexander Wang dress I immediately fell in love. The uber thin spaghetti straps are sexy, and it’s cotton so can be worn dressed up or as I prefer- dressed down. Paired with white Pierre Hardy sneakers makes it perfect for running around Los Angeles on a warm day. To dress it up quickly, make it suitable for a meeting, or if the night brings a cool breeze I throw a long duster coat over it. This one from The Row is my favorite color of the summer- blush. A perfect summer look for the city girl on the go.

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