in words: the free spirit, the hippie, the earth angel, the lover, the dreamer, the carefree, the easy going, the natural beauty, the listener, the breather, the lighthearted, the serene, the ray of light peeking through the clouds on a rainy day, the early morning silence, the airy easy breezy cool calm collected…. these are all the things that describe cheyenne to me.
in pictures: see the images below. pure perfect beauty that words cannot describe. the picture perfect inspiration i die over. ahhhhmazing.

Sophie Srej in L’Officiel Feb 2011

Michelle McCallum in Grazia Italia Feb 2011

Amber Van Toledo in Marie Claire Italia Feb 2011


  1. ediot says:

    i so so so love these photos. they're amazing.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Love these. The outdoor ones are stunning…especially the one with the dark horse and the one above it.

  3. wow i love these pictures

    your blog is great, im following! follow me back if you like mine?

  4. Shilpi says:

    Lovely pictures! I ca see this being the epitome of Cheyenne



  5. beautiful pictures! thank you! i love the design of your blog! i'm now following you with bloglovin <3 drop by my blog, follow me if you like what you see!


  6. Awesome photos…lovely post!

  7. sun ink says:

    your photos are always so perfect i love them. your blog is def an inspiration for me. thnx!!! <3

  8. You are right, words can not describe these pics! I love all of them, but my fav is the 5th one:)

  9. These photos are beautiful! You have a lovely blog im going to follow :)

  10. Love this post – the style, the spirit, and of course the HORSES :)

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