The Ultimate Blog Commercial

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If you’ve been following my blog from the very beginning you may have remember seeing this video when I made it and first shared it several years ago. Originally we had posted it on Vimeo where it received hundreds of thousands of views and shares, and I’ve just re-uploaded it to my youtube.
It was a collaboration project between my friend and director Markus Madlangbayan and myself. The concept behind the video was to create and show what a “blog commercial” would look like. There’s no fancy lighting, budget or crew- just our idea, him and I. The end result came out pretty fantastic so I just wanted to re-share for everyone who may not have seen it.

City Lights.
November 20, 2013
Red, White & Paris.
November 25, 2013

The Ultimate Blog Commercial


  1. Nora says:

    Love the video! so great that you re share it! such a nice concept!


  2. April says:

    This was the first blog post of yours I ever saw. Loved it then and still do. You’ve come a long way :) Pretty awesome!

  3. Joana says:

    Wow the video is amazing! It’s the first time I’m seeing it but I’m definitely going to share it!

  4. Sabrina says:

    wow! I love this video! Do you know in which program it is edited?

  5. tiphaine says:

    I do remember about this commercial, loved it!! you were one of the first bloggers who inspired me into starting my own blog actually :)

    have a lovely day!!

    xo tiphaine

  6. Amazing video! love it :D

  7. Sara Morais says:

    i saw the video before, when you first posted it and I must admit it was a tremendously great idea. If someone would ever thought of making a commercial for a blog, it would most certainly look exactly like this. I love it!

    xx Sara

  8. Tara says:

    This is SO cute! I cannot believe this is the first I’m seeing it after being a long time follower! So incredibly creative…its perfect in every way.


  9. liz says:

    this video is amazing! the editing is on point

  10. Camille says:

    This video is absolutely amazing ! Such a great idea

  11. Vanessa says:

    such a cool video!!


  12. Love this video! I’ve seen it done so much in stop motion but you guys did a fantastic job in video editing and excellent job in the transition ideas (those must be the hardest). Good work!

    New Post up…

  13. LoveYourEgo says:

    This commercial is so col! Great cut, great looks and a well done video!

  14. great video. i lvoe your shorter hair and the waves.

  15. Nieke says:

    Awesome video! Love the concept and graphics, very clever. :)

  16. Kacie says:

    Wow that is such a cool video!

  17. Sophie says:

    OMG the clothes transitions are incredible! The editing on this is insane. xox

  18. Lala says:

    Absolutely love this video! Explains the life of a blogger beautifully!

  19. Suzie Q says:

    I remember watching it couple years ago, and the commercial is just as amazing. You guys did such a fantastic job with the editing!

    Suzie Q

  20. Nathalie says:

    great video ..


  21. moustachic says:

    so amazing! well done love the graphic!

    moustachic ♡
    Twitter/Instagram: @moustachic

  22. Leesa says:

    totally love the video! Your outfits are amazing!

  23. Eva-Lynn says:

    Great video! Love it! x

  24. Katie says:

    This is amazing! What an incredible idea! So clever.

    Katie <3

  25. Diana C. says:

    I love it! Always super impressed by these tech-y stuff! Your friend did a great job post-production!

  26. Lara says:

    Woooow amazing! I’m overwhelmed right now!

  27. SUPER !! I’m from Paris and it’s with this video that I discovered your blog a couple years ago now ! this video is amazing,btw you always had a great style !! Kiss from France :) (sorry for my english which maybe isn’t perfect)

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