jeffrey campbell always trend setting with his new line for his s/s 2011 collection : pink rock. and although i’m usually a no color kind of person im really liking it

the bottom two pictures are other awesome shoes from the ss 2011 collection. cant wait!



  1. j calhoun says:

    SURE, I can`t think of any Jeffrey Campbell shoe which I didn`t loved!!!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us!!!

    KISSES julia

  2. J.S. says:

    I saw the link for these today on Refinery 29 the pink shoes are soo awesome!!!


  3. Aahna says:

    Oh lovely lovely pictures, am not a pink fan but at the end of the day i always pick something in pink! The huge tassel in the first picture rocks my world. love.

  4. Thekla says:

    nice blog:) xxx

    hope you visit mine as well darling xxx

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