trend.of.the.week.recap:70s style flares

dominating the bottom half of our fashion canvases this year… flares. the 70’s are coming back in a big way in 2011, im deeming in the rebirth of the summer of love.

thank you to all who participated in my trend of the week and sent me pictures. i’ve posted some below from the readers. thank you to francesca from, sheryl from and jessica from
stay tuned to see this weeks trend of the week to submit your pics.
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(above i’m wearing: genetic denim jeans, boho print top from library in los angeles, shawl from american apparel, turquoise bracelet by

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February 6, 2011
February 8, 2011

trend.of.the.week.recap:70s style flares


  1. Studded Rose says:

    If i could give this outfit a bazillion hypes on lookbook i would, i really love how simple it is and you pull of flares perfectly!Would love to see what shoes you are hiding under there lol (if you have any on, flares are a good excuse to give the heels a rest on occasion!) xx Ash

  2. Sofia says:

    You should wear Flares everyday :-) love the bobo style. You are so beautiful!

  3. Love everything in this post <3

  4. C'est superbe ! Très stylé!!!

  5. Catherine says:

    really really nice outfit. love it xx

  6. SAMANTHA says:

    i love this outfit- i really like how you styled it. great purse.


  7. Holly French says:

    Wonderful! I can see why you're obsessed with that shawl! It goes so well with so many things!

  8. CC says:

    I love your jeans! :)

  9. Stunning outfit those jeans are perfect on you. I really love the 70's for inspiration xoxo

  10. Emily Anne says:

    This outfit is beautiful.
    You have a way with putting things together!

  11. Lovin' those flares…you look soo 70s hot! And with the turquoise bracelets, its fabb! We are totally followin' you now!!!
    xoThe Beckerman Girls

  12. scsemcrise says:

    I love the 70's! Such a free age! The pants are my favorites for sure : )

    ps: I'm sooo excited for the giveway : D

  13. Sharon says:

    Thanks for sharing. Nice and unique outfits. Keep it up.

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