Top: Redvanly
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Nike
Headphones: Barbara Bui

I’ve finally done something I’ve been meaning to do for a long time! I get so many questions from everyone about my health and workout routine. I’ve been doing a lot of healthy cooking posts lately, so here is the exercise part to go with it!

Before we start let me give you the pep (or prep) talk. You can see major results in the way your body looks by adapting a few changes, many of which are easier than you think. You need to think about health and exercise as a lifestyle, not a “diet”. I eat very healthy, but I would never consider it a diet. I don’t “eat good” all week and then stuff myself with nachos and deep fried oreo’s (yes they exist) on the weekend. I’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle where I choose not to eat white breads, pasta, refined sugars, butter, and most cheeses, etc. I’m not life or death about it. I’ll choose a 100% real fruit popsicle for dessert, or I’ll have a couple bites of my friends pasta at dinner, but I always order the fish and vegetables for my own meal. I’m never thinking “Oh I wish I could just have the pasta,” because my body feels (and looks) better when I eat vegetables and lean meats. To me it’s not a diet- it’s a lifestyle.
The same goes with working out. I don’t think “If I work out Monday through Thursday and suffer through it, then I have Fri Sat and Sun off yay!” No, that’s not how a successful healthy lifestyle works. I know that I feel better if I get up and stretch, do a short run and exercise in the morning, so I WANT to do it. Health and exercise isn’t about discipline and reward. It should be a constant, because you want to, and you feel better when you do it. If I truly don’t have the time that day, no big deal. There’s always tomorrow. But if we all really think about it, most days we do have an extra 30 minutes. It’s just up to you.

What I wear: The top is by Redvanly, a cool new athletic wear line that I’m loving! And it’s for the boys too (they carry mens and womens. Check it out here!) The fabric is so soft and it also has a water resistant factor which is great. Gotta stay dry! Very comfy and easy to move around in- which is so important in athletic wear. For workout pants I prefer long and tight, shorts can ride up too much for my taste, and flared dance pants can get in the way. Running shoes I always go for a really lightweight pair.

I’m traveling a lot so I don’t have time to go to the gym, lift weights, and use fancy machines all the time. But if you don’t have access to those things, truthfully you don’t need them. All you need is 30 or 40 minutes of free time a day and a good attitude.
Pep talk over now onto the workout.

Stretching is SO important. I stretch my whole body thoroughly before and after any exercise. I don’t want to build muscle, I just want to stay fit and toned. Stretching, of course helps to minimize injuries and soreness, but also helps your muscles to not bulk up.

Running. Cardio is a must. You need to get your heart pumping and burn calories to lose weight. Even if you’re not trying to lose weight, cardio makes your heart strong. We all need that. Literally and figuratively ;)

My daily workout is a mix of running and the exercises above. All which can be done pretty much anywhere. I run for 10 minutes (on the street, track, treadmill- wherever), at intervals every minute, going from jog to run to sprint three times and then the final minute is a walk down. I need to change every minute because I’m not a distance runner. I need something to look forward to, and I need it to happen fast. When I know I have to change the speed it keeps my mind focused and excited.

Then I switch to the exercises. One minute for each. A total of 10 minutes. (Excuse me for not knowing the actual names of these, it’s just what I call them.) These exercises mainly target the areas I’m personally most concerned about- waist and butt! And planks work your whole core.
1. Glut lifts (1 minute each side- 2 minutes total)
2. Butt Ups (1 minute)
3. Leg lifts- both legs (2 minutes total)
4. Jacknives (1 minute)
5. Crunches or “Bicycle” (1 minute)
6. Plank (1 minute- do not stop)
7. Side plank- one on each side (2 minutes total)

Then back to 10 minutes of running. And if I have the time I do a second rep of excercises. So 40 minutes total unless I’m in a rush, then 30. Really not a lot of time out of your day, but you’ll see major changes believe me!

Changes don’t happen overnight, but give a new healthy lifestyle a try and I guarantee you will look and feel better day by day.


  1. You are so inspiring! This summer I made a real switch to healthy eating as a lifestyle (thanks in part to some of your recipes). I’ve always worked out (in high school I did cross country and track), but definitely want to give your work out plan a try!

    xo, Juliette Laura

  2. The Fashion Panda says:

    It looks like a great work out, I am gonna try it for sure !

  3. Bookmarked this post! Really love it, it’s nice because it’s not too much, but just a little and on daily basis!

  4. anna says:

    this is sooooo inspiring. i can relate to this. we have the same lifestyle when it comes to food and i als have my “cheat” days. i just had a vacation somewhere and my routine exercise kind of stopped. so now im trying to get back and this article motivates me:)

  5. carol says:

    oooh nice tutorial how to stay fit !!! thank you :)

  6. diana says:

    Great post, I love how you explain how you have to want to live a healthy lifestyle not just suffer through workouts and eating healthy to get rewarded.

    xoxo, Diana ☠

  7. ChamaFashion says:

    Cool photos! I like this post, very handy!

  8. Kimberly Ann says:

    Love your outfit and your exercise routine!! I never, ever do static stretches before a workout since that can really cause injury – but warming up is definitely important! Great post


  9. I completely agree with you ! i have embraced a healthy lifestyle many years ago so I am happy when I prepare tasty veggie food or go to yoga practice !
    Thank you so much for sharing your routine, it is very inspiring !

    XX Luba

  10. Gio says:

    Wow I love this post!!!
    So inspiring!
    Thank you so much, I would love if more blggers would do that.

    kisses Gio

  11. Dámaris says:

    Cool post! I love working out!

    Kisses from Madrid, Spain.

  12. Eva says:

    You could still lose 10 pounds!

  13. ChicTrends says:

    Great post! Need to try a few of these workouts later today at the gym. x

  14. What a lovely post on how to inspire those. I love your explanation of why you eat healthy and why it works for you. Seriously made me push harder to my “lifestyle”! Definitely saving your post for those off days when I don’t want to do anything. Xoxo

  15. Great post dear! Thanks for sharing all the healthy tips and these workout routines, keep up with the shape! ;))

    ❤ Jenny Tsang
    – New Post: I’ve Found Cinderella’s Heels –

  16. Joy says:

    I love what you are saying about lifestyle vs. diet. Exercise is good for our bodies and minds. I think successful people are disciplined about their work and taking care of their bodies. Keep up the good work!

  17. Shellebelle says:

    Please check out my blog for workout ideas and fit tips! It’s good to have a fun varied workout …. X

  18. Elle says:

    I love your blog! I started following you on FB a few months back and think you are just the coolest. Love to see your fashion on instagram and now reading about your workouts and lifestyle choices. Soooo encouraging. Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  19. Michèle says:

    you seriously got the perfect body Shea, so we should all do this workout right now!!

  20. Elisa Taviti says:

    Thanks for this post my dear!

    Elisa from My Fantabulous World

  21. I always appreciate when stylists/bloggers/fashionistas incorporate health and wellness into their lifetyle and blogs. Thanks for sharing and gorgeous photos!

  22. LEA HUDSON says:

    I can’t do number 6, I guess my butt is too heavy haha but I usually do 1, 2 and 5!

    Perfect body btw ;)

    Lea Hudson, fashion & nail art blog

  23. Joanne says:

    This is really insightful, thank you

  24. Thankfifi says:

    Love the philosophy – I always say to myself if I ever struggle to get out there ‘Have I ever regretted a workout?’. The answer is always NO!

    p.s. I think you’d really love my super skinny blueberry pancake recipe –

  25. Laura says:

    Thanks for posting this Shea! Glad to see it via a lifestyle and not a constricted diet. It shows in your body!

  26. I need to get rid of all the rose’s and other things that I ate or drink in my holiday.. This motivates me to go for it!

    XOXO Maud


  27. Rachel says:

    I love the way you talk about this because so many still speak in terms of “diets” and it truly is a healthy lifestyle! I try to make better choices each and every meal and every night to take 30-40 minutes to work out. The truth is that I still make a lot of excuses, but I always feel better when I do it. I also need to improve on the weekends and eating out. I always think if I’m spending the money to eat out, I should eat a big cheese burger, fries and have a few sugary drinks. The truth is that I feel awful when I eat like this and I would equally enjoy a different meal! I need to think about less about the week/weekend and more about always good choices!

  28. Amy says:

    I’ve recently added planks to my exercise routine – they are so killer! You can really feel it all along your back, shoulders and core the next day!

  29. liz says:

    thank you for the tips!! i can’t wait to try out your tips!

  30. Kara says:

    Hi Shea!

    I love this post. You are so right about being healthy- it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle. Thanks for the pep talk, sometimes I need a reminder about how important being healthy is.

    I love your blog and especially the healthy eats posts- keep them coming!


  31. Great post! Nice inspiration!


  32. vanessa says:

    great post! thx for sharing


  33. Love the outfit. I totally agree that you feel better when you work out and eat healthily. I do the same but allow myself treats as well and never deprive myself – it’s all about balance! :-) Holly xx

  34. Lena says:

    that’s also my daily workout. it’s very succesful!

  35. Jessica says:

    Such a great post! Thanks :)


  36. Em K.G. says:

    Your body is fantastic, so this is really good! I might give the exercises a go tonight.

  37. Manuela says:

    love this post <3 you had a great body and i like your tips!

    xoxo manu

  38. LoveYourEgo says:

    This really is a quick and easy workout routine! It’s easy enough to do on a daily basis. =)

  39. Geri says:

    I’m so trying this. xx

  40. J.tan says:

    Hi Shea,

    I love this post, just tried it and now my cores are aching! keep posting :D

  41. I love your blog, and your look.
    I never have any time to go to the gym and now i have a routine to do in my house.
    Thank you!!!!

  42. Daisy says:

    Lookkking good, girl. Cheese is my weakness, so when you say you cut out most cheese, what are the ones that you allow yourselves…. I love my goat cheese : )

  43. Really good positive, motivating post!
    Check out:
    Instagram: @cristinamonti
    Tweet me: @thebbohoflow
    With Love,

  44. Love this post! I’m trying to get back on the grind for a half marathon coming up soon. Thank you for the inspiration!


  45. Fleur says:

    Thank you Shea, SO MUCH! You’ve changed my perspective on health lifestyle. I’ve always thinked, that healthy lifestyle is something that i never could endure to eat heallthy and do some workouts. But now, I’m ready to do this EVERYDAY and I hope I will endure. I’m glad that you have this blog, it really helps me. Thank you.

  46. Fleur says:

    Btw. I’m so sorry, that my english is not really well :D *thought

  47. Thanks for the workout tips and the motivating pep talk!! Just what I needed to get myself deeper into a healthier lifestyle. :)

  48. Steph says:

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and love it ! It’s great how you mix fashion and lifestyle topics
    Just one question concerning the excercises: by 1/2/… minutes you mean just hold the position or several repetitions?

    All the best from Germany! You’re great! xx

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