Well here we are at the end of a crazy, exhausting- but of course beautiful and inspiring week. The snow storms and subzero temperatures didn’t stop fashion’s elite from braving it all- and of course just as much as all eyes were on the designers and shows, half the fun is the street style inspiration.reteks

I wanted to share with you one of my New York Fashion Week favorite looks and tell you the funny story about how it actually came together completely unplanned.
Earlier in the day I was wearing a beautiful fuschia and black leather pant suit by one of my favorite designers Barbara Bui- from her pre fall collection. I wore it all morning but had a special look pre-planned for the Diane Von Furstenburg show that evening I had picked from their showroom weeks prior (the white dress and fur crop). I was in my hotel room in a frantic, flurry rush trying to change and make it to the show in time. Literally clothes flying like you’ve only seen in a movie. By this time it’s nearing 5pm so temperatures were beginning to drop and I was yelling “How am I going to wear a dress it’s negative degrees outside!” and searching through all my drawers for my tights (which were conveniently missing.) So I threw off the pink blazer slipped the dress and sweater over my head, still while having the pink dress pants on and running around the room looking for tights. I ran past the mirror, glanced over and weirdly liked what I saw- an unexpected pairing. I turned to my best friend and said “I think I’m going with this!” and she was like “I wasn’t going to say anything but secretly LOVE it.” It was different, cool, edgy, unexpected- and hey, if you’re ever going to try a new look- fashion week’s the place to do it.

To finish the look I wanted to add a delicate classic touch with some of my favorite gold accessories- bracelets from Tiffany’s T collection, a gold Tiffany’s necklace, delicate Lei Van Kash gold and pearl cuffs and my usual gold and diamond XIV Karat rings. No look is really complete without the perfect gold jewelry. Look for all your favorites at LoveGold here.

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Well here we are at the end of a crazy, exhausting- but of course beautiful and inspiring week. […]
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