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shea13sdb If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I would have most likely been a full-time photographer. It’s in my nature I guess; my mom is a photographer, so is my brother and pretty much everyone else I’m close with ;) There’s something about that rush of excitement when you get that perfect, beautiful, captivating image; “the one”. It’s almost hard to put into words. I think you look at the world differently when you are a photographer; you find beauty in things people find ordinary- and with that you can create magic. Sometimes it’s something you’ve planned for a long time, and sometimes it’s just something you stumble across. You see the beauty in a trickle of light reflecting in a murky rain puddle next to the gutter. Really, it’s the little things like these. You find grace in imbalance, allure in prosaic, and charm in drab. These photos were shot by photographer Jones Crow in a dirty underground tunnel with one beam of light shining through. A place that would never get a second look by most. We hadn’t planned to shoot here, and weren’t really sure how they were going to turn out but looking through the photos and seeing how we created something beautiful out of nothing really inspired me to write a little piece on my love for photography. Of course not anyone can be a professional photographer; it’s expensive, unpredictable, and just as any other art it takes a truly skilled artist with a talented eye. But I highly suggest everyone to indulge in photography as a hobby. It’s relaxing, it’s beautiful and a wonderful release of self expression. *P.S. I’m going to write a piece on camera equipment soon. :) So if you have any particular questions for us ask below!!! Shop the look here: [show_shopthepost_widget id=”122559″]
June 24, 2014

The Beauty of Photography

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I would have most likely been a full-time photographer. It’s in […]
June 21, 2014

How to Rock White Linen

Quite honestly, I’ve never been the biggest fan of linen. I find it frumpy, non-fashionable and meant mainly […]
June 16, 2014

The Perfect Summer Look

Who’s ready for summer? As much as I love long beach days, endless warm sun, and swaying palm […]
June 9, 2014

How to Perfect Parisian Street Style

There’s just something about those Parisians, the way they glide through the streets with the utmost perfect style; […]
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