The Make-Up Queen

Behind every beautiful woman in the spotlight, there’s an exceptionally talented make-up artist. A true artist, who is able to transform a face in a million ways to accentuate the best qualities in a woman’s face. It’s an optical illusion to the eye; they can make the cheek bones more defined, lips more pout, eyes more striking, eyebrows more fierce, eyelashes longer. The list goes on. The woman many times behind the beautiful faces of magazine covers and mega stars like Penelope Cruz and Kate Moss, is legendary Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury. Her work has graced the cover of countless magazines; Vogue, Vanity Fair, you name it. And walked down the most famed red carpet events around the world. During FW2014 New York Fashion Week this February I had the opportunity to sit down and interview the lovely Charlotte. As a beauty enthusiast myself (and my beauty site which is launching in about a week! woo woo) I had so many questions, so take a look at the video below and watch us talk celebrities, make up tricks, Charlotte’s career, her signature look “the feline flick” and more!
Downtown Los Angeles
April 30, 2014
Spring Up Your Wardrobe
May 6, 2014

The Make-Up Queen


  1. What an awesome opportunity to meet with such an inspirational makeup artist! Love her work & I’m excited to see your new beauty site!

  2. I love her work. This is a super interview. Love the post.
    XOX, Gap.

  3. The Fashion Panda says:

    Loved the video and so happy to know her now.
    she is amazing in her work !

  4. what an incredible experience! love charlotte tilbury!

    Angie Wilson |

  5. So cool! I would love to chat with her. Amazing woman.

  6. Vanessa says:

    amazing and interesting article!


  7. I love ur blog Shea!!! Ur looks r amazing always!!

  8. Daniella says:


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