Creamy Low Fat Potato Salad

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  • Summer is potato salad season, but it’s one of those foods that I always pass on. It’s delicious but loaded with calories. My mom makes the best potato salad. It’s creamy, has just a few simple ingredients and there are no potatoes to peel. It is heavy on the mayonnaise however.  I had a barbecue to attend recently so I decided to try making a low fat version to see how it would go over with my friends. It turned out so good and I’m happy to say it was a hit at the barbecue! No one even guessed it was low fat.

  • What you will need:

    2 pounds red or fingerling potatoes (uniform size)
    1 cup Greek yogurt (I used Danon Oikos 0 fat since it’s very smooth)
    1/3 to 1/2 cup chopped green onion
    2 tablespoons fresh or dried dill
    1 T olive oil
    1 or 2 tsp mustard
    2 tablespoons mayonnaise
    salt & pepper to taste


  • Rinse potatoes and place in a large pot. Cover with cold water and bring to a boil. Once they are boiling reduce heat and simmer until they can be easily pierced with a thin skewer or knife. (I usually cover the pot with the lid askew a bit) Check to make sure they are not boiling too heavily, as this will cause the potatoes to crack or fall apart. This can take up to a half hour depending on the size of your potatoes. Start checking them at 15 minutes. Pierce gently. When the knife slides in smoothly they are done. Nothing will ruin a potato salad like potatoes that are too hard. It’s better to err on the softer side. Since the potatoes will be different sizes they won’t be done at the same time. Check frequently and remove the ones that are done to a platter. Set potatoes aside and cool to room temperature.

  • Cut potatoes into large bite sized chunks and place in a large mixing bowl. Chop green onion and dill if using fresh. Dried dill works as well if you don’t have fresh. (I added some small yellow potatoes to make 2 pounds since my bag of red was only 1 1/2 lbs.)

  • I tested different ways to make the dressing and found that it needs some oil to make it creamy. For the creamiest dressing use yogurt that has a smooth sour cream like texture. In a small bowl mix together together the yogurt, mustard, dill, olive oil and mayo. You can omit the mayonnaise if you wish, but in my opinion it adds to the flavor and creaminess. Mayonnaise has around 90 calories per tablespoon so adding two will only add about 30 calories per serving. Taste and add whatever you would like more of. If it needs more mustard or dill, add more. You can add some salt now or wait until you are mixing everything together.


  • Add the dressing and onion to the potatoes. Mix together gently adding salt and cracked pepper to taste.

    Makes 5-6 servings

    tip: Potato salad can get a bit dry when it sets for a while, so it you are making it ahead, mix a little yogurt and mustard together and add before serving.

    As always…hope you enjoy!


  1. Elizabeth T. says:

    Thank you for this simple recipe! :)
    It looks delicious – no wonder it was a hit at the barbecue!
    Can’t wait to try it!

    xoxo, elizabeth t.

  2. Wow that looks delicious! I haven’t had potato salad in such a long time!

  3. Wieda says:

    This Looks so delicious. I love all your recipes <3

  4. Andrea says:

    Such a great post! I hope you have a lovely day.

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