Fashion Doesn’t Stop For a Snow Day

Coat: Moose Knuckles | Turtleneck: Barbara Bui | Jeans: Vintage Levi | Boots: Acne | Bag: Chloe


  1. Nissi Mendes says:

    You look soooo stunning!!
    I’m in love with your coat!

    ♥ Nissi

  2. That coat is so fab! I grew up in a Russian house so my mom would never let me leave the house without thermal leggings/tights under my pants when it was really cold haha, it is a great trick.

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow, I am obsessed with this coat, and the fact that I am Canadian makes me even happier that it is available here ! Not that I could afford it but still haha. You look lovely <3


  4. Gitta says:

    Love the jacket a lot. Great color :)

    x Gitta

  5. kamila says:

    So obsessed with this look!! Love the coat :)

  6. Elizabeth T. says:

    Really loving the statement coat! :D It’s so pretty, especially with all of those gorgeous colors!
    And we never get snow in LA, so I won’t ever really have the chance to dress for it, but it’s amazing to see how you pulled off such an effortlessly chic look! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

  7. Rose says:

    That place is amazing and very good pictures:)

  8. Hannah says:

    I love everything on your girls wishlist! Love it!

  9. Helena says:

    As always you look gorgeous! :) I love multicoloured jackets and have like a zillion of them myself! :) xx

  10. artadorned says:

    Gorgeous outfit hon, and cute coat looking fierce.

  11. Such a chic look for the snowy weather!

    Love it!

    xx, Victoria

  12. Lovey says:

    You are a snow queen! Such beautiful eyes. I adore the coat and turtleneck! Much love–

  13. Tania says:

    Your fur looks amazinnnggg! I’m loving the whole look actually.

    Tania xxx
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  14. ARYA says:

    lovely and charming coat,seriously beautiful and eye popping in snow days

  15. Allie says:

    Great look!

    I think you’ll love this post on my blog:


  16. sarah says:

    Very nice look! Love the coat!

  17. You look so stunning! I’m in love with the coat.

    x Karen

  18. SwankySwans says:

    Wow, stunning coat! – and that bag is simply gorgeous!. We’re loving the classic cream/white top and denim jeans look here at

  19. So beautiful! I wish there was snow here.. NYC is so warm currently and I’m really not in the Christmas Spirit yet :(

  20. Beautiful! I wish there was snow here in NYC..

  21. Fifi says:

    This is such an amazing outfit!! I love the different colours in the coat.

  22. Angela says:

    great sense of style
    Happy Christmas

  23. Julia says:

    ugh! this outfits is amazing. that jacket is BEAUTIFUL. amazing photos as well! i love your blog girl :)

    xoxox julia

  24. Love how simple and chic this look is.

    Mercedes Marie

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