Fashion Doesn’t Stop For a Snow Day

Coat: Moose Knuckles | Turtleneck: Barbara Bui | Jeans: Vintage Levi | Boots: Acne | Bag: Chloe
  • A snow day doesn’t merit staying in bed all day or always wearing a floor length puffy parka and waterproof pants. There’s tricks of the trade that can make your outfit warmer than it appears and perfect for a cold-weather snowy day. 35 degrees Fahrenheit (as it was this day) isn’t really all that cold- it sure isn’t anything compared to NYC’s -12 with wind chill on it’s coldest days, and I’m sure nothing like some of the temperatures places like Canada and Russia feel in the winter. But 35 is a walk in the park (and that’s coming from the California girl!) and a fun reason to play with your winter wardrobe.

    Coat: Obviously the most important part of your look. I’m all about the standout coat. Wearing a seemingly simple outfit- vintage jeans, a cream colored turtleneck and then making your look the top of the best dressed list with a really cool, unique coat like this multicolored fur coat from Canadian luxury outerwear brand Moose Knuckles. The coat is actually hand dyed so each one is unique. You should invest in 2 coats for the winter season. One plain black that you can wear with anything and one standout awesome coat that you can put over simple pieces.

    Jeans: Completely acceptable. We know your mom told you waterproof pants in the snow only- but lets face it you probably aren’t walking “50 miles to school like I did when I was a kid” anymore. You’re probably walking outside 2 minutes to your car, then 5 minutes into work and maybe 10 minutes on your lunch break. A few blasts of cold air is actually great for your body- hence why people are obsessed with Cryotherapy. So toughen up. Here’s a tip: don’t wear your thinnest skin tight jeggings- go for an older vintage pair with a loose fit that you can put a pair of tights or thermals under. No one knows they’re there but you. Tricky.

    Turtleneck: if you live anywhere cold you should own a turtleneck in every color. And by every color I mean every neutral, earth toned color only. We don’t need to be blinded by a hot pink turtleneck. Save the statement for your outerwear.

    Things to add: Depending on temperature theres things you easily can add to this look to make it even warmer. I’m wearing thick high socks under my boots (although you can’t see them.) Also I had a pair of black leather gloves and a black cashmere scarf in the car. I even had a beanie although I wouldn’t dare mess up my hair unless it was absolutely necessary. ;)


  1. Nissi Mendes says:

    You look soooo stunning!!
    I’m in love with your coat!

    ♥ Nissi

  2. That coat is so fab! I grew up in a Russian house so my mom would never let me leave the house without thermal leggings/tights under my pants when it was really cold haha, it is a great trick.

  3. Jessica says:

    Wow, I am obsessed with this coat, and the fact that I am Canadian makes me even happier that it is available here ! Not that I could afford it but still haha. You look lovely <3


  4. Gitta says:

    Love the jacket a lot. Great color :)

    x Gitta

  5. kamila says:

    So obsessed with this look!! Love the coat :)

  6. Elizabeth T. says:

    Really loving the statement coat! :D It’s so pretty, especially with all of those gorgeous colors!
    And we never get snow in LA, so I won’t ever really have the chance to dress for it, but it’s amazing to see how you pulled off such an effortlessly chic look! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

  7. Rose says:

    That place is amazing and very good pictures:)

  8. Hannah says:

    I love everything on your girls wishlist! Love it!

  9. Helena says:

    As always you look gorgeous! :) I love multicoloured jackets and have like a zillion of them myself! :) xx

  10. artadorned says:

    Gorgeous outfit hon, and cute coat looking fierce.

  11. Such a chic look for the snowy weather!

    Love it!

    xx, Victoria

  12. Lovey says:

    You are a snow queen! Such beautiful eyes. I adore the coat and turtleneck! Much love–

  13. Tania says:

    Your fur looks amazinnnggg! I’m loving the whole look actually.

    Tania xxx
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  14. Noemi says:

    the bag of my dreams <3 it's so beautiful :D

  15. ARYA says:

    lovely and charming coat,seriously beautiful and eye popping in snow days

  16. Allie says:

    Great look!

    I think you’ll love this post on my blog:


  17. sarah says:

    Very nice look! Love the coat!

  18. You look so stunning! I’m in love with the coat.

    x Karen

  19. SwankySwans says:

    Wow, stunning coat! – and that bag is simply gorgeous!. We’re loving the classic cream/white top and denim jeans look here at

  20. So beautiful! I wish there was snow here.. NYC is so warm currently and I’m really not in the Christmas Spirit yet :(

  21. Beautiful! I wish there was snow here in NYC..

  22. Fifi says:

    This is such an amazing outfit!! I love the different colours in the coat.

  23. Angela says:

    great sense of style
    Happy Christmas

  24. Julia says:

    ugh! this outfits is amazing. that jacket is BEAUTIFUL. amazing photos as well! i love your blog girl :)

    xoxox julia

  25. Love how simple and chic this look is.

    Mercedes Marie

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