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clean1 I started a 3 week long cleanse that I’m going to be sharing with you guys day by day. About 6 years ago I came across Dr. Junger’s book (now a best seller): CLEAN. I read the book front to back and it’s really one of the first reasons eating healthy became so important in my life. The idea (in my own very short simple words) is that your body and digestive system needs a break sometimes. Digestion requires much more energy than any of us realize and things like eating late at night (especially hard to digest meals) doesn’t allow our body the rest it needs. Aside from the book, there’s along a 3 week long cleanse program “The Clean Program” where you cut out all potential toxins from your diet and eat a smoothie for breakfast, a healthy nutritious meal for lunch, and a smoothie for dinner- to give you digestive system a rest, to clean out toxins and to improve your overall state of health. After reading rave reviews from many (including Gwyneth Paltrow) finally tried the actual full cleanse about a year ago and loved it, although I cheated many times. After just returning back home from 5 weeks on the road around the world, my body feels drained, tired and my stomach is just feeling continuously upset from all the food I normally don’t eat. So I thought what better time than now to try to the cleanse again. I want to document it all for you along with the results as I go. So I reached out to Dr. Junger and his team and they agreed to help me complete the cleanse fully without cheating this time! As I write this I’m on Day 4 of 21- it’s 8pm at night and I’m feeling pretty great. There are so many different shake options that you can try but I’ve created one I really love that I’ve been having nearly everyday for breakfast and dinner so I thought I’d share it with you. I’ll do a full post about it, I call it the Shea Shake. It’s unsweetened Acai, a couple blueberries, a couple slices of avocado, spinach, chia seeds, ground flax seed powder, stevia, unsweetened flax milk and of course the Cleanse Shake mix. Day 1 and 2 went by pretty easy and I didn’t feel hungry really. Day 3 got a little hard as I decided to work out in the morning in the sun. Then I had to speak at a conference in front of 600 people and was feeling really hungry so I had a green juice and it brought me back to normal. Today (Day 4) has been pretty easy again. I snack in between meals- cucumbers and all natural hummus, almonds and blackberries are my go to. I had my normal smoothie for breakfast. For lunch I had grilled chicken and zuchinni soup and for dinner I had my smoothie again. Like I said there’s so many different smoothie options it’s just about what you like. Maybe I’m a creature of habit. Results: So far I feel great and I already feel lighter. Not necessarily I lost weight, but more just in my stomach I don’t feel bloated, I don’t feel exhausted after a huge Sunday brunch. The hardest part for me is not drinking. No alcohol whatsoever. I’m not a big drinker but I like to have a glass of wine with dinner. Last night it was Saturday night and I went to a bar with my friends- which was torture. Like a kid in a candy shop. I asked the bartender to make a drink that looked real but had no alcohol. So this helped a lot as I tricked all my friends and then conveniently disappeared to the bathroom when it was shot taking time. Stay tuned I’ll keep you posted as I go. And this week I’m also going to interview the Dr. himself.


  1. ~ Carmen ~ says:

    I love that this cleanse incorporates real food like veggies, hummus, & fruit; it’s not just a weird juice cleanse. Sounds really cool. I’ve been working hard on eating well.

    :] // ▲ ▲

  2. Robyn says:

    So exciting!! Looking forward to reading more about your experiences cleansing :)

  3. sasa says:

    That sounds awesome! <3

    Shall We Sasa

  4. Jeanne says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience!;)

  5. Helena says:

    So excited to hear about your results – really want to try this out. I’ve been on a tea detox with Tiny Tea which really boosted my energy and made me feel so much better.

  6. Abby says:

    I wish I had the willpower to do this!!!

    XoXo One Stiletto At A Time

  7. Julia says:

    I really wish that I could afford cleanses, but it’s so hard with a student budget! Maybe I’ll try sticking to one smoothie in the morning and just have a really light dinner? I eat carb free at night anyways so it shouldn’t be too hard :)

  8. Gap says:

    XOX, Gap.

  9. This sounds like something I need to do! Can´t wait to hear about your results!


  10. camille says:

    This is tempting but it would be impossible to do since I go to school

  11. Deborah says:

    I want to try a clense program too but really bad in these things!


  12. Daisy says:

    Those smoothies look so good!!!

    Daisy x

  13. Ujjaini says:

    Wow, I have been looking for a similar routine for sometime. Thanks for sharing!

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