How to Dress like A Californian

Shoes: DSW | Top: Celine | Necklace: Dylanlex | Jeans: Redone | Jacket: Barbara Bui

There’s a reason California has increasingly become a culture for fashion inspiration over the last few years. Once highly disregarded by the fashion community, Los Angeles is now home to some of the best designers, influencers, fashion it-girls (and obviously celebrities) in the world. What is it about California, and west coast style that the world is drawn to?

It’s laid back, a bit more carefree and a place where anything is possible and anything goes. That lifestyle is reflected in our fashion sense. It’s effortless and about balance. It’s “fashion” with a twist- it’s a designer dress off the runway with sneakers, it’s heels with a tee, it’s a dress shirt with strappy boho sandals, it’s a jeweled evening necklace with a fringe leather jacket. It’s wearing ripped jeans to a business meeting. It’s wearing platforms to the grocery store. It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s unapologetic and it’s unique. I think that’s what people are drawn to.

Not to boast, but I think I’m a pretty good example of “California style,” or at least a few people seem to think so. I partnered with DSW (aka Designer Shoe Warehouse aka a one-stop shop for any shoe you could want- they carry um 25,000 pairs- no biggie) to share with you how I’d wear a pair of their boho trend shoes. More so I wanted to show that boho pieces are definitely not just for festivals anymore. Depending on how you wear them, they really can work anywhere. With a few small changes my outfit here can work for so many different situations without ever having to change shoes or pants. Throw on a blazer and your fit for a meeting, change into a white tee for lunch with friends or shopping or throw on a fringe jacket when the evening breeze picks up. The Indigo Rd. Kaily Sandal I’m wearing here is available now at DSW for $39.95.Watch movie online The Lego Batman Movie (2017)

This post is sponsored by DSW and SheKnows Media.

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How to Dress like A Californian


  1. tom montella says:

    absolutely beautiful California style and then some!

  2. Edwina says:

    You look amazing as always. Love the dress so much!

  3. Edwina says:

    simple yet very very chic, love it so much.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So gorgeous and chic with bits of edgy! <3

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  5. Natali says:

    Yep! I love the laid-back and LA chic style! You’re rocking this outfit top to bottom!

  6. I love this look! It looks so effortless. I’m loving the matching necklace and earrings, too!

    xx, Diane ||

  7. claudia says:

    Gorgeous!! Love the sandals and the jewelry!

  8. Ev says:

    Love it! <3


  9. Deborah says:

    Love your California style, I love the way you style this look,it’s chic but also unespected!


  10. francesca says:

    so, sometimes I’m a Californian!


  11. Beverly says:


  12. Love this outfit, the necklace is amazing!

  13. Elaine says:

    You are so beautiful !I very like you

  14. heather says:

    I love this look from head to toe, that jacket is amazing too.

  15. heather says:

    I love this look and the shoes are super cute.

  16. LaTanya says:

    beautiful sandals

  17. artadorned says:

    NIce post I love the Cali look, that statement necklace is gorgeous, you look fabulous.

  18. That statement necklace! Love the jeans too!

  19. Agnes says:

    Love the cali vibes!
    Agnes x


  20. Irma says:

    beautiful photos, such a cool and unique look, I love it!

  21. Beverly says:

    What a beautiful vibrant color! That clutch is so cute. Great outfit!

  22. Robin says:


  23. Great post, love the statement necklace.

  24. Katerina says:

    So original necklace design!


  25. Karen says:

    Love your dress, very sexy and beautiful. You have the hot body

  26. Taylor says:

    Such a cool post!
    Love your necklace and top combo.

  27. Sabina says:

    Gorgeous outfit! Love the shoes and the jewelry!

    Sabina |

  28. Elise says:

    Obsessed with this outfit!

  29. Worn & Written says:

    Such a fab post, love your style!

  30. Glam Latte says:

    Love this look! Very Cute!

  31. Rebecca says:

    I love wearing sandals in the summer with a cute skirt to stay cool in the sun!

  32. Linoya says:

    In LOVE with that necklace and earrings!

  33. The necklace is so cute! It looks so good with the white blouse!

  34. That necklace is so cute!

  35. You look really pretty..The white top you wore was perfect..Simply loved it..

  36. Angel Jacklyn says:

    You sure know how to make that sandal shoe look amazing!

  37. LaTanya says:

    I love the chunky heels

  38. marie says:

    Amazing look! Love the jeans and the top.

  39. Susan Smith says:

    I love your jeans and sandals!

  40. Kerry says:

    So cute!!!!

  41. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Gorgeous sandals!

  42. Elizabeth Pergande says:

    Fun post – love the shoes

  43. angie says:

    I do not see an actual sweepstakes prompt anywhere on your post, so I will just comment on the post itself. I hope this is OK! OMG I love these shoes! I could never wear them but they TOTALLY take me back to my childhood in the 70s-80s. My mom had a pair almost JUST like them but in black! hahaha! Great!

  44. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I love this and they look so amazing with your jeans! You rocked it!

  45. Cynthia C says:

    Great looking sandals and the price is right. I love shopping at DSW for the latest in fashion.

  46. I love DSW. I’m an East Coast girl with West Coast soul – and a touch of Boho and Southwest too! LOL

  47. Anonymous says:

    Love this look! gorgeous!

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