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Wearing total Barbara Bui SS 2014 Sunnies: Celine

I’m really excited to share these first set of photos I shot in Paris with my girlfriend Alaina. Playing around with Spring styles from my fav Barbara Bui and her epic SS collection. A lesson in how to rock all denim and all white. Actually I must admit I’e never felt cooler in a denim look than this! Also wanted to say- I don’t smoke! It was a photo prop only haha :) Photos by : Michael Dumler / On Abbot Kinney


  1. Liz says:

    you both look amazing!!!

  2. Natali says:

    Super beautiful and stylish girls!

  3. Chelsea says:

    Shea, you are so CHIC.
    I am dying over these Paris pics – hoping, praying and wishing that I get accepted to my study abroad program and will be living there this FALL!

    I love the black accent on the denim top and I have never seen denim on denim look so good.
    Bonne journée!

    Tourjours, Chelsea

  4. Both these looks are sooo laid back, sporty cool!! I especially LOVE your top.



  5. Been eyeing on their new SS collection, love the all denim so much ;)

    xo Jenny

  6. Jessica Rose says:

    Cool photo’s…….and I love the unusual shape of the top..

  7. Kristina says:

    Really stunning outfit! And happy you don`t smoke, i was surprised to see you with a cigarete! All the best to you, you are very cute and kind girl, hope everything you wish will always come true! XO

  8. d'melo says:

    Love both looks, but even more love the pants! *—*

  9. Filippo says:

    those pictures are amazing, just like you both! :)

  10. Violet says:

    And you two make an amazing duo! Killing it!


  11. Savannah says:

    I love these pictures! Both outfits are amazing!
    x Savannah

  12. Rougeuse says:

    Gorgeous outfits! Your outfit is totally amazing, the color, the fit, everything! x

  13. Cheyenne says:

    Gorgeous outfits, you guys looks so Parisian!

  14. Carola says:

    great looks!!!! amazing girl :)


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  15. Fabulous 30s says:

    Love both looks, but I must admit I love a little bit more the white outfit on your girlfriend.

    Fabulous 30s

  16. Nora says:

    Perfect looks!

    XX Nora /

  17. Eva says:

    You both look amazing and I;m crazy about that top! xx

  18. Love the stylish shoots with the two of you and the Barbara Bui collection is amazing!

  19. Azu says:

    Fabulous outfit! I love your top…and your pants, of course :) Your friend looks amazing, too.

    xo Azu

  20. ediot says:

    cool shots. great outfits on both of you.

  21. Xenia says:

    You two look simply amazing! Love your matching outfits!


  22. The Fashion Panda says:

    You both look great ! Love the pics!

  23. Jules says:

    This is awesome! You two look so badass ;P

  24. Leta says:

    Nice pictures!

    I’m interior designer, photomodel, dancer, performer. Check out my new fashion blog Great and big things are coming!

  25. daniella says:


  26. carol says:

    oooh stunners !!! both of you

  27. Clare says:

    LOVE the shoot but don’t portray smoking as cool- that’s the only reason people take it up now :S

  28. Elisa says:

    Simply perfect girls :)

    xx Elisa,
    My Fantabulous World

  29. Manuela says:

    such a perfect look !! love everything <3
    xoxo manu

  30. Vanessa says:

    great combination!


  31. sasa says:

    wow love the outfit on your two:) <3

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  32. Anne says:

    you look pretty in baby blue!

  33. Love the top so much! It looks really fitted on your body!<3

  34. Anonymous says:

    why permote smoking??????????????

  35. Laura says:

    Love the looks! so pretty girls ;)

  36. liz says:

    i am SO in love with your look!! that top is everything!!!

    xo, Liz

  37. Zhanna says:

    Beautiful suit sets, the colors are and designs are amazing! <3

  38. love this! and yes I was actually going to ask that haha. love your friends jacket too!
    Xo, Belen

  39. Jo says:

    So cool this two looks
    Love them

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  40. Claudine RO says:

    WOW, so cool! Love, C.

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