The Jackets Seen ‘Round the World

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August 20, 2015
Laura Mercier Must Haves
September 24, 2015

The Jackets Seen ‘Round the World


  1. Kesly says:

    The both of you look so adorable in that jacket! I am obsessed with your shoes – they are perfection!

  2. Diana says:

    Awesome outfits!

    || D I A N A ||

  3. You two look amazing! I love the striped outfit xo

  4. Natali says:

    Incredible outfits! You girls are incredible!!! I’m always in awe when checking through NYFW streetstyle photos.

  5. Sasha says:

    Love your jackets!


  6. claudia says:

    Love both looks! The leather jackets are so cool!

  7. sammie says:

    You guys totally nailed it with this look.Those jackets were such a brilliant idea and your photo is literally everywhere right now,so cool.
    Very looking forward to the documentary,can’t wait to see what it’s all about :)
    Wish you lots of fun for the rest of the fashion weeks

  8. Scarllet says:

    I am excited to see your outfits for NYFW

  9. anna says:

    love the matching jackets! sounds like a fun start to the week x anna

  10. Linda says:

    Congrats on being part of the documentary! Looking stunning as always :)

  11. Sanja says:

    Cool jackets, love the mix of stripes and leopard!

  12. Jessica says:

    I love this so much, such beautiful jackets ! I love both of your dresses also.


  13. Diane says:

    Those jackets are gorgeous. I definitely need one like that for me and my friend! They’re so edgy.

    xx, Diane ||

  14. Whitney says:

    So so cool! Actually saw this pic on insta and thought to myself ‘Those must be Caroline and Shea….’ ! Well, now I see it was you guys, of course! Looove the jackets and look fwd to seeing the documentary!!

    Lots of love,

  15. Antela says:

    Pretty look and so cute pics!
    Have a nice day!

  16. these are the coolest photographs! You and Caroline look so chic and wonderful! I can’t wait to see your film!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Loving the jackets! You two looks more like sisters than friends <3
    Can't wait for the documentary!

    Sends you lots of love from Copenhagen
    xx Afza

  18. A&I says:

    Loving the jackets! You two looks more like sisters than friends <3
    Can't wait for the documentary!

    Sends you lots of love from Copenhagen
    xx Afza

  19. melissa says:

    What adorable jackets!!

  20. Agnes says:

    You guys look great and I’m digging those jackets

    Agnes x

  21. Lisa says:

    OMG, your jackets, so cool!

    Lisa | Joy Della Vita Travelblog

  22. Laura Jane says:

    What a cool team you two ! So lucky I got both of you in front of my lens in Paris!!
    Can’t wait for your documentary!
    Good luck, I know you’re gonna kill it !
    Laura Jane

  23. Paulynagore says:

    Have a lot of fun! Hope to see the documentary!

  24. Roza says:

    Love your outfit :) Amazing dresses :)

  25. jasmin says:

    LOVE all the pictures with u and caroline.

  26. Francia says:

    Totally love your jackets!

  27. Francia says:

    Lovee those jackets!

  28. francis says:

    love the jackets

  29. Valentina says:

    this outfit is amazing and also the leather jacket, so funny :)

    have a great day


  30. Rebekah Wing says:

    wow, you look so amazing! *_*
    absolutely adore your looks and those jackets are literally GOALS!

    xx Rebekah Wing Flirting with Fashion Blog

  31. Daria Zems says:

    You both look stunning!!

    Guys, I also have a blog. It’s about fashion and personal style and could really use some love and friendships:) It would mean a world to me if You checked it out or even commented!

  32. Jen says:

    You guys are seriously the cutest and nicest girls! Loved meeting you last week. xx

  33. How cool are you two, and those jackets?! Love it! xx

  34. Katie says:

    These pictures are amazing – love the jackets!


    Come see the first pictures from my Italian adventure!

  35. Melly says:

    You’re rockin it, so cool! <3



  36. Francesca says:

    You look gorgeous together!


  37. Brenda says:

    I really loved your outfits for NYFW and MFW! You two look so pretty! Hopefully one day my bestie and I will rock out NYFW like you guys did :D

  38. Kaja says:

    You guys are my favourite couple! ;) love the jackets and your dress!

  39. I am a new and upcoming blogger and was so excited to find out who you two were! I saw you two for a fleeting moment and LOVED your jackets! My friend and I are actually going to do something similar for an upcoming event so thank you for the inspiration!!! I wish you positive vibes for all of your future endeavors. :)

  40. Digging the Best Friends coats! xoxo


  41. Evon says:

    Love shades matching dresses :)

  42. omg those outfits are absolute goals!

  43. Elea says:

    Obsessed with your outfits!

  44. Elea says:

    Obsessed with your outfits! xoxo

  45. Cynthia & Amanda says:

    We love the best friend post! you guys look so cute together!

  46. Laëtitia says:

    You look so cute together, seems like you could have been sisters :) love you best friends jackets !

  47. Love these photos and looking forward to the documentary!

  48. Anna says:

    You look so cute together, seems like you could have been sisters :) love you best friends jackets !

  49. Beatrice says:

    What a lovely post to read!

  50. Nevin says:

    Amazing pictures.

  51. Florence says:

    SO chic! I would love to send you a piece from our new collection!

  52. Nevin says:


  53. Violet says:

    Beautiful photos! This place is amazing <3

  54. Ailsa says:

    You totally rock this look! and that bag is seriously catchy.

  55. Nevin says:

    Lovely post.So inspiring and optimistic.

  56. Nevin says:

    Very cool and chic!

  57. Cloris says:

    Wow amazing pictures, you are adorable and super stylish!

  58. I wondered where these photos came from. Mystery solved :) I love the jackets!

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