THE BIG NEWS: Peace Love Shea x Steve Madden

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Finally, the news I’ve been waiting to share for the past year is here!!! When I started working on this project last fall finding out that I wouldn’t be able to publicly announce it until the following August was pure torture. But the months and months of hard work and secrecy have come to and end and I’m so excited to announce my first design collaboration; Peace Love Shea x Steve Madden. Sometimes dreams come true in your life that you could have never imagined possible, and this was definitely one of them. Seeing my name next to an iconic brand who I grew up idolizing is an experience I can’t even describe in words. I’m excited, proud, grateful, nervous and a billion other emotions all at once. The capsule collection (which will be out in stores next month, and available online for pre-order August 21st); consists of seven designs. I really wanted to design something that would represent my personal style and the type of woman I stand for- strong, sexy and independent. For the girl who knows you can make an outfit come to life with just a killer pair of shoes. I asked myself, “If I could have any dream shoe in the world what would it look like?” and through this collaboration I was able to make them come to life. When I first met Steve and the team last fall to discuss this project it was really love at first sight, sometimes you just have that creative connection where you know “this is going to be great.” I learned so much over the past year, from truly the best people in the business, it’s been an experience of a lifetime and I hope you all love the collection as much as we do. I have some really exciting things to announce too with the launch, one of them being the chance to win a trip to NYC to attend the launch party with me next month. So stay tuned for all the details on that coming soon! Above are some outtakes from the campaign shoot, shot by Jake Rosenberg of The Coveteur. More coming soon, and make sure to watch the behind the scenes video above! Thank you all for your support. Love you so much!
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THE BIG NEWS: Peace Love Shea x Steve Madden


  1. This is so exciting! The photos look great & I’m pretty much obsessed with every shoe! Congrats!!!

  2. Liz says:

    the video is amazing and photos are incredible!! congrats on this collab

  3. This is SO exciting! Congratulations! I cannot wait to see more designs & the outtakes are beautiful so I’m sure the campaign is a knockout!

    Crumbs & Curls

  4. Sara Morais says:

    I am so proud of you Shea! Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the entire campaign and the collection itself.
    I work with shoes (but still not as a designer for my own brand), so I can only imagine your excitement :)

    Wish you all the best!

    Love xx, Sara

  5. Natali says:

    Oh wow!! I’m speechless!! Congrats on this collaboration, this is huge!! I already see some shoes that I’ll be ordering for myself!

  6. Denisa says:

    Very nice pics. Big congrats. xa

  7. Eye like fashion says:

    Big congrats to you!! What a great honor and well deserved. Great photos and excited for the collection.

  8. Anonymous says:

    shea very cool !!! Greetz Edwin!

  9. Darcy Jones says:

    Shea this looks absolutely stunning! Congrats on what looks like an amazing collection- can’t wait to check on the shoes when they hit stores!! Gorgeous photography and campaign looks too.

    xoxo Darcy | The Supper Model

  10. Jenny Tsang says:

    Congrats on the collection! Can’t wait to see the designs!

    xo Jenny

  11. Inês says:

    Congratulations!!! =)
    Can’t wait to find everything about the collection!


  12. Kristina says:

    Congratulations on your campaign! So exciting. Only saw a glimpse from the video but those flats look killer and I love all the boots! Can’t wait to wear. xo


  13. Ari says:

    Wow!! his is awesome!! Can’t wait to see the collection!

  14. Dovile says:

    Oh my God well done Shea!
    You go girl! Loving all shoes and video/pictures are great!


  15. Daniella says:


  16. Camille says:

    OMGGGG that’s amazing ! Congratulations ! And this video is awesome

  17. Kacie says:

    So exciting, congrats!! I’m dying over those thigh high boots, gorgeous!

  18. Vanessa says:

    you are so beautiful!


  19. Lizzy says:

    Wow! Huge congrats! You look amazing in the photos, the shoes look fantastic too!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  20. Rachelle says:

    this is so exciting, congrats girly.

  21. Nena says:

    Congrats it looks very good!!

    love, Turn it inside out

  22. Deanna says:

    SO awesome, girl! Congratulations –you deserve it! Can’t wait to see the entire collection.

    Because I’m Obsessed

  23. Lisa Blonde says:

    A set and of course the pictures are adorable. I love all of them! ♥

    Love, Lisa

  24. Suzie Q says:

    Congratulations! All of the photos look amazing! Can’t wait for the reveal of the entire collection!!

    Suzie Q

  25. Niss says:

    I loved these photos! x

    Life of Niss

  26. Lauren says:

    So excited for you! YAY

  27. Daisy says:

    That is so amazing! You deserve it all! Congrats! I hope to be there someday!

  28. Georgia says:

    Congratulations Shea Marie. That is wodnerful news! Can’t wait ti view the collection.

  29. Laura says:

    Congrats! So exciting. Cannot wait to see your collection!


  30. Leesa says:

    wow, congrats! That’s really awesome!

  31. Albertine says:

    This is amazing! Congrats!

  32. Whitney says:

    Huge congrats, Shea!! The pictures are amazing and the video too, but even more importantly, the shoes!! They’re really beautiful and I would totally wear them all, good job!!


  33. Ketty Henry says:

    You are looking really like a tough girl. love your all looks specially in black outfit.

    Natural wave brazilian hair

  34. Savannah says:

    How amazing! Can’t wait to see the collection x

  35. Congratulations! You are such a 90´s girl I can tell and since Steve Madden was HUGE in the 90´s, I am sure this was a big deal to you, making it more special than some other brand collaborations. I have been relentlessly searching for a pair of black booties with no luck, but I think that I will just wait until your like out, as I think I love the croc booties with the chunky heel, and also the lace up booties.

    Looking forward (and counting down) to the collection!


  36. sasa says:

    Congrats, babe! Love the collaboration. Looking fabulous as always in these photos:)

  37. Sasha says:

    Woooow! Congrats!

  38. Kamara H says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! Both you and the shoes. Congrats :)

  39. Nice photos ! I love your shoes in the fourth picture !!!

  40. Maddie says:

    LOVE the boots in the last photo!

  41. Ellen Faith says:

    Congratulations! Those pictures are amazing and I want those tall boots!


  42. Laëtitia says:

    The pictures are amazing !! You look gorgeous, and all the background are great ! That’s really impressive, congrats :)

  43. Deborah says:

    Wow, congratulations Shea, you totally deserve it!

  44. Charlotte says:

    These pictures are amazing! You little beauty you x

  45. OMG these photos are breathtaking, you look so HOT! Can’t wait to see whole collection!

  46. Lindsay says:

    How exciting! Love those over the knee boots!!

  47. Laura says:

    Babe!!! Congrats for this collection, it’s amazing!!! I totally love all the shoes


  48. María says:

    Congratulations! Can’t wait to see the collection!!!
    Lots of love, xx

  49. THE CLIUQE says:

    For all the latest trends and high-end inspired fashion visit

  50. Megan says:

    Can’t wait to get a pair!! That’s so cool.


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