The Perfect Gifts for any girl, anywhere.

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The Perfect Gifts for any girl, anywhere.

  • Getting a gift for a girl; whether that be your girlfriend, your best friend, your cousin, sister, a coworker, you name it- can be a daunting task. Girls are picky and each girl likes what she likes. Anything with sizes or colors- forget it. Too small and you made her feel fat and she’ll hate you forever, too large she thinks you think she’s bigger than she is and she’ll also hate you forever. Red, when her favorite color is black- uh oh once again you’re in trouble. You want to get a girl something she wouldn’t get herself. Something she wants but wouldn’t spend her money on because there’s so many other things she has to pay for just to upkeep being a girl. Here’s a list of foul proof gifts for any girl in your life:

  • A fragrance- Every girl has a perfume, but we get tired of smelling the same everyday! We want change, we want to be different. We want to be one girl on Friday night and one girl on Saturday afternoon. Unfortunately most of us don’t have the budget to spend on all kinds of perfumes- so we stick with the one safe option we know.
    My suggestion: Gucci Bamboo– get her something she maybe hasn’t tried before. Gucci Bamboo just launched in July so it’s new and hot on the shelves. It’s not going to remind her of someone else, something she used to wear etc. It’s new and fresh and every girl loves to feel new. I find it to be the perfect balance. Not too clean, not too sweet with some of my favorite notes: lily, orange blossom and vanilla. Perfect for any girl in your life.

  • A coffee table book- Girls envy the homes in Elle Decor, and the picture perfect rooms we see on pinterest. We want that beautiful stack of fashion, art and travel books that makes us seem cultured, worldly and mature. What we don’t want is the price tag that comes with it. $95 for the Vogue Covers book. Man I guess this month’s issue of the magazine will have to do. But what a nice gift it would make.
    My suggestion: Vogue the Cover, Kate Moss by Mario Testing, Helmut Newton

  • A candle – Girls know about candles, we just do. We notice the difference between a generic drugstore candle and a Diptyque candle, and while we can’t always justify spending $60 on something that sits on a shelf when there’s 2 dollar options- we wish we could. We wish someone else would understand. A fancy candle never goes unappreciated.

  • Sunglasses: If you’re really set on something they can wear then go for a pair of nice sunglasses. The chances of them not fitting is way less, and you won’t have to find yourself playing the size guessing game- which I explained earlier how that can go downhill fast.
    My suggestion: something black or tortoise shell. Leave the bright red, neon crazy patterned sunglasses for the girl to pick herself.


  1. Elizabeth T. says:

    Your photos are stunning! Loving this gift guide! <3

    XO, Elizabeth

  2. sasa says:

    Great gift ideas:P

    Shall We Sasa

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  4. Marcus says:

    Thanks for share this great blog, now i know what i will give to my girl at home. thanks!

  5. Etta says:

    Non pentoute loll Je suis tellement le genre de fille qui fait l’écureil ni qui se désintéresse si on s&eiuqo;sntérrsse à elle que je comprend absolument pas comment des filles peuvent agir comme ca et trouver un sens logique à leur facon d’agir. Feck en gros… écoute pas rien de ske je dit. Ca fonctionnera pas avec les filles parce que je les comprend et les connais encore moi que toi :S

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