The Perfect Summer Look

scf11web Who’s ready for summer? As much as I love long beach days, endless warm sun, and swaying palm trees I always find that dressing with style is much harder in the summer than in the fall/winter. Who agrees with me? You have less options, relatively no layering, you’re supposed to try and add color (but I only like black!), or wear white (which isn’t always the most flattering!) Ugh,so many dilemmas. While yes, it’s quite easy to throw on jeans, shorts, a tee and flip flops; one probably wouldn’t consider that the chicest look haha. Don’t let me fool you- in the summer I wear jean shorts more days than not, but when I’m working I have to step it up. A meeting, nice lunch, summer wedding, day at the yacht club… Nothing says summer chic like a cute jumper and hat. Not only is it easy to wear (one piece outfits are my best friend) it’s a great solution for a bad hair day! People say “Oh she looks so classy in her hat”, I’m really thinking “Nah I just didn’t want to wash my hair.” :) Another quick fix to style up a summer outfit is with pinstripes. It’s a great summer go to print that always looks classic. Good thing to keep in mind when you’re stocking up on your summer basics! Shop the total look (and other favorite styles of mine) below: [show_shopthepost_widget id=”109260″]


  1. Emma says:

    Gorgeous little romper, I love it for the summer!

  2. We definitely have exactly the same dilemma when it comes to dressing up in summer :D
    Luckily I have this fabulous blog to give me inspiration ! Gorgeous pictures ! My favorite piece in this ensemble is your body chain ! Nothing quite says summer goddess like some body bling ♡

  3. Dimitra says:

    In love with the outfit Shea!! True perfection!!

  4. Sasha says:

    Great look!


  5. Meg says:

    I need this striped playsuit in my life, it’s so classic! The stripes remind me of the sea, very nautical. Perfect for the summer!x

  6. Sonja says:

    Great outfit!One of my favourite!

  7. Natali says:

    You look fabulous in this outfit!! I just love it!

  8. Marle says:

    I adoooore that jumpsuit! Too bad it’s a bit expensive..

  9. I feel the same way about dressing in the summer, there’s just so much less to work with! I do absolutely love rompers though, they’re so chic!

    Crumbs & Curls

  10. I love the romper & your body chains are to die for! You go girl!

  11. Daniella says:


  12. Such a beautiful jumper. LOVE the vertical stripes and color. And your booties are so chic.

  13. Eva says:

    Gorgeous outfit, love this jumpsuit! xx

  14. Jenny Tsang says:

    Amazing heels, in love.

    xo Jenny

  15. Eni says:

    Beautiful outfit! I love jumpsuits and it looks so chic with ankle boots and hat!

  16. Melissa says:

    Love that striped look! So cute on you and the hat is perfect!!!
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  17. Lizzy says:

    Beautiful outfit, you have perfectly solved the summer dressing dilemma! You look so amazing, I love the playsuit and the shoes are sooo good!

    Shot From The Street | Fashion Blog

  18. Gap says:

    I like stripes and ruches!!
    XOX, Gap.

  19. Beatrice says:

    Absolutely amazing look, definitely it’s perfect for summer! Love this jumpsuit so so much!

    The Fashion Cuisine

  20. Nicole says:

    OMG this is so gorgeous! I love your outfit! :)

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  21. Grace says:

    Beautiful as always, pinstripes look amazing, especially on this playsuit!
    Grace and Charlotte x

  22. Leesa says:

    what an awesome look!

  23. Lindsey says:

    Beautiful piece! And gorgeous pictures!

  24. Jint says:

    Wauw this jumpsuit is aaaamazing!!
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  25. This jumpsuit is adorable! And yes, I couldn´t agree more. I always feel so limited during the summer months. What can I possibly wear besides cut-offs and a tank that looks cute AND is extremely breathable?


  26. Liz says:

    hello gorgeous!

    amazing look!

  27. Mattie says:

    You look so cute in this jumpsuit! The booties and hat are the perfect touch!

  28. ChamaFashion says:

    I love your jumper! It’s perfect!

  29. Tara says:

    THSO gorgeous!

    http://www.southbysunset.comIS LOOK IS TO die for. The sixties are back in a big way and you totally nailed it. I mjust get…no, wait, I can never pull off rompers with

  30. 3girls1apple says:

    Love the look. Love the outfit. Love it all. Thanks for sharing from

  31. Jim says:

    My kind of outfit!

  32. Julia says:

    HAHA the hair comment! I love how down to earth you really are, it makes your blog a lot more believable! I totally agree, there are so many more options to go to in the winter. But girl, when it comes to summer clothes I think you’re doing great as well :)

  33. lisa says:

    I totally agree! Much harder to look put together in the summer. And harder to cover up my trouble spots! But I live for a cute hat and sandals.

  34. Kaja says:

    This playsuit is simply perfect! You look amazing in it!

  35. Alex says:

    Oh, I love summer and shorts! By the way, your outfit is absolutely great.

  36. Claire says:

    The jumper looks perfect and sexy on you! Definitely a perfect summer look <3
    New Post: Food Adventure: LA
    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  37. Stunning outfit!! You’re gorgeous!

    Madison Martine

  38. tom m says:

    I really think you have got class down and I wish others would follow you! you take simple and make it look glamorous!

  39. Belen says:

    so glam! when I saw it on your instagram I thought it was a jumpsuit but I like it better being shorts :)
    Xo, Belen

  40. Jovana says:

    I really like this post :)

    I am a lifestyle blogger writing about NYC, my other trips and lifestyle inspiration. I just wrote a blog post about my bucket list, if you’d like to find out more, check out my blog :)

  41. Love this look so much! It’s funny because people seem more drawn to people with hats, like they’re more interesting because they have the confidence to wear one. At least that’s how I feel when I wear one! Everyone will comment on it, it’s funny. Anyways, gorgeous as always!

    Pretty in Python

  42. You look so amazing! I love this hat and outfit!

  43. Great look, I have to buy a jumper for summer!

  44. Lindsey says:

    Great romper! It accentuates your figure nicely!

  45. Katie says:

    I adore this look. You look like a movie star boarding a plane!

    Gorgeous. I love dressing ‘up’ in summer!

    Katie <3

  46. Manuela says:

    amazing !! love the jumpsuit <3
    xoxo manu

  47. Jessica says:

    Love the jumper! I want to try it with my Chinese Laundry sandals!

  48. Janae says:

    Amazing look! I am in love with your romper and how you styled it!

  49. Karina says:

    Love your posts but I really don’t prefer your new layout, it makes your photos less dramatic and it takes extra effort to scroll from one photo to another. Please change it.

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