Video: Said Every Boyfriend Ever

plsmove Click to watch this funny short video I’m in! One of the many great perks of this industry is all the amazing talented people you meet along the way and friends you make. The best projects are those that are solely for fun and for the joy of being creative. I met talented fashion photographer/director Jonathan Lennard (who’s work ranges from British Vogue, L’Officiel Paris to commercials for Garnier, Dove, just to name a few.) Mixing his love for fashion and television he wanted to create a fun video, poking a bit of fun at how clueless boyfriends can be about fashion! I had such a blast being a part of it! My big acting debut haha. I hope you get a laugh out of it, and if it reminds you of anyone you know hope you share it with your friends too :) Thank you to all the talented people that made this project awesome: Cast Self – Shea Marie Girlfriend – Brittany Seider Boyfriend – Philip Bruenn Crew Written & Directed by– Jonathan Lennard Executive Producer – Jonathan Lennard Producers – Erika Dutra and Jonathan Lennard Line Producer – Manjari Makijany DP – Matt Rogers 1st AD – Michael Walker Sound- Giovanni Di Simone Editor – David Checel Colorist – Marshall Plante and Ntropic 1st AC – Andrew Goh Makeup – Gia Harris at ArtMix Hair- Brooke Rodgers at ArtMix
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January 20, 2015
From Hot to Cold
January 22, 2015

Video: Said Every Boyfriend Ever


  1. Sasha says:

    Haha what a cool video!

  2. ha ha ha yes! love the video, its so great!!!! bad boyfriend!
    new on sweetmona,

  3. Jint says:

    Haha so much fun! Love the booties!
    WIN a watch from Cluse, enter the giveaway on my blog!

  4. Kelly says:

    ‘Those are my clothes, you idiot?’ That was hilarious, great job!

    Kelly | secondhand spring

  5. Cheyenne says:

    This video is absolutely awesome!
    Your friend is such a great actress.

    xx Cheyenne

  6. sasa says:

    hahahaha the video is hilarious, babe! You look fabulous there! Great acting<3

    Shall We Sasa

  7. Jeanne says:

    Gorgeous video! Thanks for sharing!

  8. melissa says:

    LOL So cute!

  9. Whitney says:

    Funny! Very cute video, love the clothes!!!!! Thank God my man does get it!! ;)


  10. camille says:

    Ahaha this was such a funny video ! And those clothes are to die for

  11. sammie says:

    That video is so much fun to watch and the ending is so hilarious :) It’s just so typical for guys to act that way. haha

  12. Hahaha omg I love this!!! You look so badass. This video reminds me of my boyfriend. He’s always complaining I shop too much but then tells me I have the best style whenever we go out. ugh men!

    xx Fortune

  13. Ann Krembs says:

    Love it! That was super cute! Love, love, love the ending. All you need is a little “Peace, Love, and Shea Marie!”

    I really enjoyed that. Make more:D


    Ann of Kremb de la Kremb

  14. Nissi Mendes says:

    This video is awesome!! Love that!! :-)

  15. Maria says:

    Hahaha love this!!

    I don’t tell my boyfriend when I buy new clothes so he doesn’t complain!

  16. HauteBohemianChick says:

    very cute! :)

  17. Janira Planes says:


  18. Marit Kampstra says:

    hahaha love the video! And you look gorgeous!

  19. Inessa says:

    omg…so so good!
    I like it

  20. Hayley says:

    This video is so awesome !
    You look amazing as always

  21. jasmin says:

    congrats she. that video is great.
    love that style.

  22. Azu says:

    LOL! “Those are my clothes, you idiot!” LOVE IT. That was an awesome video :)

    xo Azu

  23. Karine says:

    I love love love the shoes!!! ^_^
    The pictures are really high-quality :D
    Love this outfit. It’s pretty inspiring :) ♥♥♥

  24. Stephanie Melodia says:

    I LOVE IT!!!!! Shea you are too hot <3

  25. Love all the videos you make!! So Dainty and Chic!

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