Why You Should Try a New Fragrance

guccithird1web I always love a new perfume. I have several that I alternate between and it’s fun because you can completely change how you feel and how people perceive you by what scent you are wearing. It’s a quick and easy change when you need a new “look” or “feel”, and for me, it can make me feel like a brand new woman. I hope you had the chance to see the two shoots I posted inspired by the Gucci Premiere Eau de Toilette fragrance over the past couple of weeks (if not you can catch up here with Old Hollywood Glamour and here with The Hollywoof Starlet). Being able to create editorial visions and visual stories is one of the best parts of my job, and the Premiere fragrance has quickly become one of the staples in my rotation. Its delicate, light and fresh scent make it great for every day and the notes of freesia, jasmine and citrus keep it very feminine and modern.
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Why You Should Try a New Fragrance


  1. Wow it’s almost as if you read my last post which is all about creating wearable memories and visual stories. Smell is a powerful trigger of memory and perfumes especially so. When I smell Aramis cologne for men I am flooded with memories of my first love. I have been experimenting with some new scents as I am experimenting with new looks. Do you ever mach a scent with a piece of clothing? Would love to know.
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  2. ivana says:

    that’s so true! a new perfume can change the way we feel!

  3. I tried to change my perfume a few times, but haven’t found a better one than my Flower Bomb by Victor&Rolf.. so I stick to it :)


  4. You make a very good point! Can’t wait to try your Gucci one!

  5. Liz says:

    I love trying new perfumes!!

    giveaway on blog!


  6. I honestly never remember to wear perfume, except for date nights! I keep telling myself that I’m totally going to get into the habit of it…and then it slides off my radar. Do you change scents per season?

  7. Cindy Khor says:

    I love changing up my perfume too thus you can call me a collector of perfume which I shameless declare that I’ve over 30 bottles of perfumes sitting on my vanity (ooopppsss, not a good hobby I suppose). Gucci always makes one of the best perfumes out there (Flora by Gucci and Gucci by Gucci are some my favourites) and I’m excited to try this out. Thanks for the intro.

  8. I will definitely try it!

    XOXO Maud


  9. Wonderfully said Shea! Which is why we are so eager to give you your personally made perfume. Perfume is so personal and we feel it should be UNIQUE like you!

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